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GC Half 2014 – Sounds to get me through

Well a shorter distance then planned last Christmas, a story for another time, but it means a mighty cull of the songs I have noted through the year.  3 sleeps to the half marathon and the mixed tape is sorted…

So my self made rule of no songs from last year posed a bigger problem than I had thought, but got there in the end. There’s 80’s, pop, punk, Brisbane bands, a riff I rediscovered this year at the Day on the green, of course the 90’s is represented, some songs released this year and a tip of the hat to Rik Mayall with his passing this year. My favourite band also needed a cameo, as well as my old favourite from late 80’s/90’s…

Every single song holds a story for me that I can think about whilst doing the shuffle, pushing ensuing pain to the rear of my thoughts, well that’s the plan anyway.

In the lyrics of one of the songs has the name of this blog, anyone? (You should know this one Sue)

Reflektor – Arcade Fire 
Sat By the Ocean – Queens of the Stone Age 
Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys
Beach – San Cisco 
I Hear Motion – The Models
Mad World – Tears for Fears
Today – Smashing Pumpkins
Unsent Letter – Machine Gun Fellatio
Roscoe – Midlake
Cash – The Panics
I Wanna Be Adored – The Stone Roses
All I Know – Washed Out
Raspberry – Beret Prince  ** Sorry all youtube audio blocked for this track
Supersonic – Oasis  
Sich Offen – Not From There
My Pal – God
Aloha Steve & Danno – Radio Birdman
Berlin Chair – You Am I
Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t ‘ve?) – Buzzcocks
Pepper – Butthole Surfers
Ace Of Spades – Motörhead
DC – Died Pretty
House Of Cards – Radiohead
In Between Days – The Cure
Orange crush – R.E.M.
Reptile – The Church
Mexican Radio – Wall of Voodoo
Wolf Like Me –  TV On The Radio
Vasoline – Stone Temple Pilots
True Faith – New Order
Gonna Make It – Vydamo
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire
Without me – Eminem

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Last weekend 75% of the Kelly Gang headed to Lake Moogerah, for an overnight camp with the Whites and Gills.  We travelled out Saturday morning and the fog looked really eerie from Willowbank, all the way to the campsite.  It soon burned off to a glorious day!  We have visited here before a couple of years ago, but only for the day.

It's back!

Spirits were lifted on sighting that the bankcard is back!


Whilst there is a bit of effort with the packing, setup / pull down for one night, it was well worthwhile!

moog_blog (13 of 13)

Home for a night

Thanks to the rest of the crew for a great time on and off the water (Thanks for taking your boat Chris!)

So much fun on the water!

moog_blog (3 of 13)

moog_blog (2 of 13)

moog_blog (1 of 13)

our camp in the background

moog_blog (5 of 13)


moog_blog (7 of 13)

moog_blog (8 of 13)

moog_blog (4 of 13)

moog_blog (6 of 13)

Until there was a blow out with one of the toys…

moog_blog (9 of 13)

no hot melt gun, duct tape will have to do


moog_blog (10 of 13)

Kids settling in with the fire

moog_blog (11 of 13)

moog_blog (12 of 13)

Great to have Chris’s boat with us

I have been looking at other camping options and working on the other 25% joining us for the next one. :)

Song of the day is Kasabian – Fire, because well fire…  I was getting a little sleepy sitting around the fire at 7:00 PM but we were all still there after 11:00, with marshmallows of course.



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I happened to be in Sydney for the first time for quite some time.  Past Sean had to travel quite often to Sydney for work, and at one stage it was every week for 6 months (3 days per week).  Tough for all concerned…

Well I got to attend a conference with the team last week, and whilst I wont be talking about:

  • The great accomodation we had
  • Awesome conference, including the location at Luna Park
  • Getting to run across and back on the Harbour bridge and past the opera house
  • Walking to the conference across the bridge

What I do want to talk about is I got to have scrambled eggs at Bills restaurant in Surry Hills on the Saturday.  The fellas I was staying with, looked like they were going to have a sleep in, so I headed off from our digs, near Town Hall, off to Surry Hills.  To give some context, I am a bit of a fan of Bill Granger, and I may have a couple of his cookbooks and have enjoyed his tv shows.


Bills books less one shown below

I loved the walk there and the character of the terrace homes of Surry Hills.  Once arriving at bills, there were people pouncing (in a non-pounce way) as tables became available,  As I was a party of 1, I could be slotted between a family and a group of Japanese visitors at a long table.


bills at Surry Hills

I didn’t have any hesitation in ordering, I knew what I was having and that was his famous scrambled eggs.  It lived up to it’s reputation and I was thankful of the walk there and back would put some dint into the calories of the cream that makes it so good.


A look inside bills

I enjoyed my brekky, and the coffee was superb, and I was good to go, another tick off the bucket list.  The price was also very reasonable.


Hope to get here again

After being home for a day, I decided to make something from bill’s repertoire, and one that is a hit with the family, well at least the most senior member of team K (power not age).

DSCF4748A bit of a favourite in the house this one

Song of the day this week is a very daggy song from way back, that I hadn’t even thought about until Bill started using it in every episode of his cooking show.  Behold the Dynamic Hepnotics – Soul Kind of Feeling 

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Been away from the blogosphere

Hello there sole reader :)

I have started many a post, but they are always so long and epic, that I decided that I can just post short posts if I like.  I remembered that the reason for this thing, was for R&T to read off in the future to see what was going on at the time.

So, boy am I glad it is 2014.  2013 was hard. Very Hard work all round, but things are looking on the up, which has taken longer to build momentum.  In the main, I am talking about the setup of the new business, but it has bled into other areas, one of which being fitness.

My fitness has slid since the half marathon last year, and in a moment of delirium around Christmas, I decided that I am training for the full marathon in July.  20km’s this morning in humid windy conditions was trying!

A pic I grabbed of the Daily Runner group on our volunteer day at park run below.

DR volunteers at park run

DR volunteers at park run

Anyhow, be ready to see more of my posts here, so much to catch up on.

Song of the day comes off my current long run playlist Arcade Fire – Reflektor which is 7.5 minutes of goodness, and a great tempo for running awkwardly.

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Another teenager in the house

It was Tegan’s Birthday on Friday, and she has entered her teens.  With a sleep over organised with friends on Saturday, it became a 3 day Celebration of Tegan.

tegan_13 (1 of 15)

What greeted Tegan on her birthday

We moved all the photography gear out of the studio and converted the room into Tegan’s party room.

tegan_13 (2 of 15)

tegan_13 (3 of 15)


Sue did a great job decorating (I didn’t get enough shots of the room draping)

Tegan had one friend arrive early and they started baking brownie surprise for the other 6 that would be arriving. That would go along with all the other treats that threaten the waistline of the author if the kids don’t finish them off.

A work mate of Sue’s (Hi Julie), has a daughter that works wonders with cupcakes, and made the delicious morsels seen below.

tegan_13 (4 of 15)

tegan_13 (5 of 15)

These tasted as good as they looked

Presents were opened, beds claimed, and off to have some fun in the party room.

tegan_13 (7 of 15)

tegan_13 (8 of 15)

tegan_13 (9 of 15)

I didn’t see this guy arrive, hope he appreciates very loud noise

Tegan’s choice of dinner for her friends was pizza, and whilst we love mexican, cooking up mexican for a third night, may have been a bit much…

tegan_13 (11 of 15)

this has all of the carb food groups covered

tegan_13 (12 of 15)

do we really need ice cream as well (it was very good though)

Somehow, a onesie dress standard was called for, and Sue’s was liberated for Tegan.


photo courtesy of Tegan

Much dancing, singing, pass the parcel, snacks, movies, popcorn and ‘minimal’ incidents ensured a great night and morning.  Sue seems able to cope with the noise made by the girls, but Ryan and I needed to retreat to cope for a while.

tegan_13 (10 of 15)

glow sticks light the path to the party room

Tegan has really enjoyed sewing since doing it at school in the first semester this year. She learned how to make a cute bag, and decided to make one for each of those that came to her party.  She now has requests in for a larger model from her mum.

tegan_13 (13 of 15)

tegan_13 (14 of 15)

tegan_13 (15 of 15)

great job with the bags!

Well we managed to survive, and the girls had a great time, and my hearing is just starting to return to normal…

Today’s song of the day is an old favourite of mine teenager of the year – Lo-Tel

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GC Half marathon – Race day

It was an early start, with the alarm #1 going off at 3:02, so alarm #2 didn’t need to come into play.  Why I picked 3:02 and not 3:00 would require a separate blog post, and one that may drive away my 2 readers with the author’s wackiness…  I did sleep well knowing everything was packed / ready, and I just need to get up, and go pretty much.

GC (1 of 2) everything ready to go (in case of sleep in)

I grabbed a light breakfast and caught up with the news overnight, seems the watching of the Wallabies Lions decider may not be as urgent given the result.  I heard a sleepy ‘good luck’ from someone upstairs that sounded like Sue in a dreamlike state.

It was a good run down the coast, sipping on my water and chanting don’t go out too fast.  Parking was easier than expected and I found myself in the race precinct around 5:00, an hour before the start.  I dropped off my bag, and made the regulation nervous toilet stop, after the regulation nervous toilet line wait. I then lined up at the barriers, to be let into the starting area, and made sure the playlist was loaded and working.

The gates were opened and a little jog to the starting zone, and an underdone warmup was complete.  I couldn’t see the 2:00 pace starting area, so I hung back behind the 1:50, and let the massess press past me. (I didn’t want to be that guy slowing up the pace). I caught fellow parkrunner and daily runner, John C at the start, and I said don’t wait for me, run your own race.  There must have been 1 or 2 thousand people ahead of us, and as the start got closer, lots of nervous banter about their garmin’s dropping the satellites again.  I must have played with my watch every 15 seconds to ensure it was good to go, as it would be crucial to my run pace.


In my pre-race test of my playlist, I lined up the play list, stuck a headphone in the ear to test all good.  Seems it was the only headphone that would work…  Jiggling the jack for the first k had intermittent success, so I resigned to the fact that my right ear only having music, no use stressing about it now…

Near the start, Matt gave a shout out and a high 5, which was great that he spotted us.  He then ran the marathon, starting in just over in hour in a blistering time of 3:05!   I am guessing his wife Rowena, must have been around me somewhere in the field, but she tore away and finished in 1:51.  I am so glad I didn’t bump into her and try and keep pace…

Running along, with an eye firming on my pace, it was great to see lots of support for runners by their family and friends, but it extended to all who ran past.  I am pretty sure the multiple kids that I high fived as I passed, gave me extra energy!  There were people dressed up in all sort of gear on the side of the road, and I loved an old couple standing their, banging pots with spoons (saw them at 2km and 19km), crazy elderly folk!  There were a lot of positive comments along the route, and coming home in the last 1.5 km it really helped!

During the race when mr brain was trying to let me know what a stupid idea this was, I started thinking about various things, and I spotted landmarks in Sue and I’s earlier life.  I passed by our first unit we moved out together in (1990), where the grand hotel used to be, the bottle shop at Runaway Bay I worked at part time, after we bought our first place and  we needed some extra coin, and on it went…

As I started back in the field, though I didn’t know how far after the start I actually started, I was worried I wouldn’t see the black balloons. The pace runners have different coloured helium ballons attached to them, and the 2:00 target was black.  I passed the 2:10, and was hopeful of spotting the black.  I spotted them in the distance around the 9k mark, and I think I caught them around the 12k mark.  The pace runner was dressed as a bee, and looked to be doing it easy, letting people know when the next water station was and getting photos taken.

I pushed on at my 5:30 pace, and managed to finish (my garmin says) 1 second ahead of the target pace.  I felt Elated!  My knees did not.

Really happy with my time of 1:56:37

My garmin map and pace for the event is here

I caught up with John post race, and we also bumped into Neil who ran a 1:23 which is scary fast!  John said he had “backstage passes” to a special area, so he was going to grab some food, while I grabbed my bag.  And that was the last I saw of him… So many people and he didn’t have a phone, oh well, next time.

GC (2 of 2)

Finishers shirt and bling

IF, and a big IF, I decide to do it again, it would be great to have the family down and stay the night before and after, as it had a fantastic atmosphere, and would be great to experience the event more than that of a race blow in.

Those beers I mentioned in a previous post will certainly get a nudge this afternoon.

Thanks to support from the local runners that gave great advice, and especially Paul H and Werner.  Cheers!

The song of the day, is off the playlist from today Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the Flow, and it was playing as planned as I approached the finish.  I did however pause the music to soak in the last 500m.

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2 days out

2 days out from the longest run I have done…Well only by 500 metres or so, but still…

It seems that the lurgy may be behind me – touching my head as I say touch wood, the things you pick up as a youngster that stay with you.

I have put in the prep for the event, which I haven’t been able to always say, so it’s now rest, hydration and enjoy the morning on Sunday.


Doesn’t look so far when zoomed out

Sue was kind enough to grab my favourite beer, and they are in the fridge chilling for when I return, and sit down to watch the wallabies v Lions game that I hope I stay strong enough to miss on Saturday, but I doubt it… Oh, and she also made lasagna, which is another favourite and seldom had treat (lasagna not Sue cooking Sandy!).  So I have definitely been supported on the home front!


Love this stuff!

I think my biggest risk on Sunday will be getting a little excited at the start, and going out to hard, so I may heed some advice to position myself back in the pack (of my time group) to hold me back for the first k or so.

The most important part of the run prep is now complete, with the mixed tape playlist finalised, which I have listed below for both of my readers.

All things going well, I should listening to the start of The Mess Hall’s – Keep Walking at the halfway point, and as the Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the Flow finishes at 1 hour 55, I should be nearing the finish.  Well that’s the plan.  I have some buffer at the end of the list, in case one of my dunlop volleys has a blow out.

It was tough to pick the songs, but in the main they were songs that make me feel good, old and new, new that sounds old, and most have an up tempo.  Australian bands are represented, as well as a couple of Brisbane tunes. The first song on the list has become a tradition for me, and is always the first tune I hear when I head off on a timed run event.

So the song of the day needs to come from the listing above I guess, and whilst I hope I don’t hear it during the run on Sunday, it is certainly a favourite at the moment!  MS MR – Hurricane

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In the long run…

I hate running.

At least that is what I have said for the majority of my life.

I have posted before that I have enjoyed my local parkrun event, and that still remains the case.  When I put  down the goals at the start of the year, I wanted to run 5km’s under 24 mins by June 30 and under 23 mins by the end of the year.  Thankfully I got to tick the first of these off the list, and will chase down the 2nd goal after a certain running event is out of the way, but more of that below.

Through parkrun, I saw a local running group called daily runner, run by husband and wife team Werner and Ash.  I had a chat with Werner and felt I wouldn’t be too ostracised by my homage to Cliff Young running style.  Just like the parkrun crew, and dare I say, even more so, the group is such a supportive group of people, where we are all at different levels of fitness, style and goals but everyone feels great by the encouragement.

As a side note, Werner and Ash were awesome sports when I got a challenge from my photo mentor course (which I am soon to finish after 6 months), to put a call out and produce quality shot(s) and hand them over to someone.  I spoke with them and they were keen and were great during the session.  I went out to QE2 and captured some background plates, and then super-imposed the studio shots of them in front of the backgrounds.  The main shot is seen below. (mental note: Still owe A&W some more processed shots)


Werner showing his presence in front of QE2

A couple of people at the running group were running the Gold Coast marathon or the half, and my mind was ticking over, wow, this is something I would really like to tick off the uber list, but it is a far cry from where I am currently with my ability.  After chatting with a few of the crew, I made my mind up, and immediately went for moral support with Gilly on whether he would join me.  “Do you know how far a half marathon is?” then a no chance or words to that effect…  Hmmm  I can’t run on my own and need motivation….  Thankfully Daily Runner and  mixed tapes / playlists got me through…

I also have an ex-brother-in-law who has done a half a dozen marathon and was very helpful in my weekly increase of distance advice, and the pace that I should be trying to run.  I did start out hoping to just finish, which is still the #1 goal, and a pace of 7min/k. I have brought this down to 6min / k and I have a cheeky eye on beating 2 hours for the just over 21 km event.

I have done the preparation runs and feel confident I have put in the work for this one.  Then along comes a head cold, that has been with me for 3 weeks now, but I am hopeful it peaked last Friday with it dropping to my chest. (I have had respiratory type stuff all my life, so this is usually a sign I am on the mend, fingers crossed.) All that is left now is making of the all important playlist, and as soon as I can prise a holidaying Tegan away from our mac that has all our music, I will get to it.


Mickey conjuring some magic for my race, and reminding me of fun times at Disneyland

Hopefully I will have good news that I finished, and just maybe, cracked the 2 hour mark.  Wish me luck!  My family doesn’t seem that keen on joining me, with a 3:00 get up and head off at 4:00 this Sunday.

I still don’t enjoy running, but I love the feeling I get when I stop!  Thanks Eloise from the DR crew for that quote!

Song of the day is one the will definitely be on the the playlist: Jelly legs by Children collide, besides being a rockin’ good song, it is apt given how the legs will probably be feeling…

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Happy New (financial) Year

Forgive me blog, for I have sinned and forgotten you for the longest time…

I have many posts half written, that I will post as reflections on particular events.

It has certainly been a busy time, with myself and business partner N (he loves it when I don’t refer to his name here) launch a new software business this week, as well as I am launching my photography business next month.  They are of orders of magnitude different in their goals, but both exicting for us here in the Kelly household all the same.

They new software business is called two red kites and our logo is below.  Chat soon!


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Radiohead #1

Image grabbed blatantly from the interwebs

I feel like I need to squee just a little bit… I get to see Radiohead, twice, yep twice in 8 days.  After what has been an eternity waiting to see these guys, as I had a golden ticket from Sue mentioned in an earlier post, when I managed to snag some tickets.

I also agreed to Nigel’s call out seeing who wanted to attend the first day of the cricket, along with a breakfast prior to the days play, so it was poised for quite a day…

The day started early, with a 4 at the start of the clock radio coming into focus as I realised it wasn’t Christmas day, but pretty close to it.  After ensuring tickets were packed in a very safe area of my bag, it was off to the train.  I disappeared into my own world listening to a Radiohead mixed tape on the way to the train, and I when I got the the station, I pulled out my kindle as I was nearing the end of a novel, Shantaram, and it had me mesmerised.

Tickets for the big day

Our day started with a breakfast, hosted by 4BC radio station.  We met at 6:15 and headed in.  It was a very entertaining breakfast with Ian Healy quizzing Glen McGrath about some of his fast bowling exploits, and his big batting score at the Gabba, as well as other amusing anecdotes.

Healy and McGrath entertaining the breakfast crew

I guess you need to carb up at Breakfast for a big day

After our breakfast session, we had some time to kill before we could get in the ground, so we grabbed a coffee nearby, and Troy then hatched a plan for our lunch, as his wife used to work with owners of a very close restaurant.  Looking at the menu in the window as we passed before opening time, it did look a little higher standard than pie and chips that the Gabba serves.  Whilst we had our coffee, I made a comment to Nigel about his remark with his iPhone 5 bad battery life.  He asked how much battery I had left on mine, and I said I didn’t have the percentage coming up, so grabbed my phone and added it to the display, and I suspect something else I am thinking, as my power was in free fall all day (though it did start at 75%)

When we got inside, the ground look fantastic, even with the lack of rain recently.

picture perfect ground

We had a good morning chatting, watching the cricket, enjoying tasteless, weak beer in plastic, but still an awesome day.

We (Troy)  made our booking for lunch, and we headed across to Enoteca for lunch.  This was not my normal cricket lunch experience, but the food was superb!  It was very pleasant for the 5 of us, Nigel, John, Troy, Tom and I to enjoy some nice beers and the pasta I had was superb!  As a side note, our family drove past here the following day on our way to Potted Potter play and I commented that we must head here.


Enjoying lunch 

My tagliatelle, prawns, garlic, chili was superb! I guess you need to carb up at Lunch for a big day

The afternoon cricket wasn’t such a good couple of sessions for the Aussies, with South Arica looking very solid.

Some smarter folk, banked sleep before a late night ahead

Bad light was called before 5:00, and John spotted lots of rain heading towards us. Very Soon.  A call was made to head across the road to the German Club, though we were down to 3 good men, John, Troy and I.  After a couple of drinks (OMG they have my favourite beer, czech budvar, on tap!), Troy needed to get going, so John and I  decided to have dinner here.  I guess you need to carb up at Dinner for a big day.  We both went the low fat Pork Knuckle option, as I may have mentioned that I smelt something that smelled like pork knuckle when we were waiting outside.

Fast forward through getting wet trying to get a taxi, then getting wet trudging to the centre as we were dropped off outside Boondall as the road became a carpark.

We grabbed our seats, and good seats they were, and listened to buzz of people finding their spots and the electro music while we waited.

The band took the stage and launched into Lotus Flower.  The stage setup was great, with large LCD’s suspending on 4 wires each, which transmitted images from a lot of fixed cameras on each of the band members.  The 4 wires allowed the screens to move into different heights and angles.  The effect was great!  In one song, all of the monitors laid parallel with the stage and just above the group.  It mimiced a low ceiling club, with lights strobing off all of the band.

Shot sourced from a google search showing an example of the staging

I won’t go into the concert in depth, as I think I will do that next week, when I experience with Ryan in Melbourne.  Suffice to say that the experience well exceeded my expectations, and I was a little worried that with all the build up to me seeing them, that it would not.  I have pasted the set list below, and whilst I knew most songs very well, I had 2 surprises. The first was how much I enjoyed There, There with 4 people playing percussion through most of it.  The next song, is one that hadn’t stuck with me before , but it has been in my head since seeing them perform it Seperator, which is from their last album released.

They also had 3 encores, which was awesome.  Very awesome!

I had a long train ride home, and without any sounds since my phone ran out of battery just before the start of the gig.  Once John jumped out at Roma St, my ride to Wynnum station was replaying the concert in mind, and chanting don’t fall asleep!

A link to their concert at Coachella which had a similar set list and staging.

Was there any doubt what the song of the day’s artist would be? Today we have Reckoner as song of the day.  This is another one that really stuck in my head after seeing them perform it live.  Thanks to John and Nigel for a lot of the photos above.


  1. Encore:
  2. Encore 2:
  3. (Unravel intro)
  4. Encore 3:
  5. (Extended due to Thom messing up the outro)

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