Dukes Brekky, Surfing and Sunset cocktails

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Feeling much better after a long sleep, so our family of 4 decided to head to Duke’s for Breakfast.  It was a lovely morning and the buffet breakfast had a fantastic choice.

We got our fuel onboard and decided to cruise the shops for a bit, and bought a few things.  Whilst out, we found where the restaurant and bar, “House without a key” was, and made plans to head there to watch the sunset with a cocktail in the late afternoon.

Ryan and I headed down for some surfing lessons, and there 1 hour lesson was very generous as it moved past the 90 minute mark.  It was also a bonus that we had a group lesson, but with just the two of us in it, with instructor Oki.  The girls had a swim and laze at the beach and could see us in our lesson.

Tegan lazing at the beach

and in the water




Can just make out Instructor, Ryan and Sean middle of shot

Ryan started off slow, but quickly was getting better rides than his Dad.  Dad wasn’t used to the longboard, at least that was his excuse.


Ryan looking confident

Dad not so as evasive manoeuvre attempt is made

We quickly decided to have a surfing session every day for the remainder of our time.

We showered up, had some lunch, then why not do some more shopping?  We dumped our shopping and headed to House without a Key.  We arrived around 4:30, and got a fantastic table as there wasn’t many people there.  This soon changed and I was glad we erred on the side of caution.

Seats were plentiful when we arrived

Very yummy Mai Tais



We had some wonderful cocktails, and were joined by Julie, Chris and Chelsea as the band started playing.We were then entertained by a hula dancer, as we watched the sun set over the water.

The band serenades

The Hula Dancing was wonderful as the sun set

 View to Diamond Head from HWAK

Sunset draws the people out

Chris & Julie wanted to call it an early night with their wedding the following day, so we got in contact with Candice and Staf, who weren’t keen to leave their pool to join us earlier, and they had just gotten their beeper from the Cheesecake factory.

After the regulation 1 hour wait, we were seated, and we were handed the largest menu I have ever seen.  22 pages of items, and about another 12 of pictures and information.  We were warned the the portions were large, and they were!  The cheesecake was very good, with Sue and I sharing a white chocolate, macadamia and caramel slice.

We passed by the Duke statue on our way home

2 thoughts on “Dukes Brekky, Surfing and Sunset cocktails

  1. Hi Sean
    Love the look of your blog.

    Glad that your family had such a great time. HI is perfect for everyone in the family.

    The photos are awesome. When we next return I will be renting a convertible and Mr SSG will be golfing.



    1. SSG, thanks! Still catching up with the remaining posts, but we had such a great time (all of us), we are already in discussion about a trip next September 🙂

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