Burleigh, Bikes and Busters (ghost)

Wednesday November 9, 2011

Early start as it’s Water polo training for Tegan, with a 5:45 drop off.  I was then heading down to the Gold Coast for a catchup with K to talk photography stuff.  I had some time to kill before we were to catchup, so I headed to a beach a couple of k’s further south, to my favourite beach of all, Burleigh Heads.  It has had a pull on my since I was probably 15.

Looking North from the headland towards Surfers Paradise

We used to holiday in the old 6 pack flats in my childhood.  When I first got a car, and was surfing, this is where I headed when the conditions were right.  When Sue and I were a young couple living on the coast, we both loved this area.  The headland itself is an oasis of greenery that has walking tracks around to Tallebudgera creek. That in itself has good memories of Sue, I and the kids camping there. The black rocks that have you focused on your leg rope not getting caught as you jump of the rocks after a set has come through. And of course the iconic (at least for me) pandanus palms, that goes with this area of the coastline, I love them! In fact a friend Steve dropped a couple of small ones over to us, that I need to find a home in the garden for.

My fave tree, just a small one…

A previous shot of a larger one, near our house at Wynnum (funnily enough the place is called Pandanus Beach)

183 / 365 - Pandanus Beach
  Looking South back to the Headland

After watching the no swell ocean for a while, calling Sue to say guess where I am (and how I will subsequently make up for that foolish gesture), I headed towards my brekky catchup with K.

I met K at the Help Portrait event last year.  K has just finished his first year of post grad medicine, and is off shortly for a rural placement. He was kind enough to squeeze me in before he heads off,  and let me hear about his experiences with some particular photographing lighting gear I was looking at.  I knew it was going to be great to hear some first hand experience, but I got a lot more out of the catchup than I expected.  I also got to look through some of his shots from a recent wedding and they were superb!  Kudos to you K!  I now need to put my business case to the SHE-EO for the dent in the bank balance I am proposing 🙂

Breakfast and the coffee was good

In the car and back to Brisbane for do some work at a friend’s house on my current software project.  It was certainly a hot day in SEQ when my iphone in its holder on the windscreen / dashboard running a navigation app, gives an alert saying the temperature is too high…  First time I have seen that one…

As I have been getting a lot of help from N, I wanted to buy him lunch, so a 20’ish K round trip on the bike, in the midday sun, ensued… I am not “hill” fit, or “eating curry when really hot” fit, but it’s something to work on. You gotta have goals, right?  After some more coding, I was off home.

N in the lead towards curry, Sean hoping to get iphone back in pocket before road ahead

Tonight we had Tegan’s play, in which the Year 6 girls wrote, edited, organised sets and wardrobe and then acted in a 40’ish minute performance. Tegan was playing a “ghost buster” to help rid a hotel of an unwanted presence. There is nothing like the proud feeling you have when you see your (once shy) daughter flourish on stage. The amateur gaffs throughout also had you smiling! I mistakenly left my SLR camera at home, so I couldn’t get the shots of the night I wanted, but we had a point and shoot to grab some that we could.

Tegan brought a grin to us from ear to ear with her performance!

A cool drink, watching of Australian Story – The Planet They’re On, which was such a fantastic story, and fall into bed.

Whilst I reflect and post this, I have only realised when looking on a widescreen, how poorly this theme works with my pics, and the main content pane is fixed width, rather then floating.  Something for me to add to the list…

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