Date night

Sunday 27th November, 2011

So much has been happening in the week since date night last Sunday.  My brother had his first child, my studio construction started, great progress on my new work venture, bought some great photography gear, and a new car (all online)…  Each of these deserves their own post, and I will see what I can do.

But let’s rewind a week…

Sue and I were heading along for dinner at a Turkish Restaurant we love called Ahmet’s. As I will probably indulge in the food, it was good that Scott gave a shout out for any willing people to use jackhammers, crowbars and sledge hammers to break up his back patio concrete.  It was very hot work for a couple of hours, but I banked enough energy expenditure to enjoy dinner!

A quick shower then to meet up with the girls at one of Sue’s workmates house for a BBQ lunch.  Ryan was overnight at a mate’s place, then onto a bowling breakup party for his school class.  It was a great BBQ and we got to meet some new faces, and catchup with some old ones.

After getting home, and resting for a short period, Tegan was off to carols at her school with her mate Ali and family.  We headed into Southbank and grabbed a pre-dinner cocktail.

Sue’s margarita

It was then off to Ahmet’s to enjoy our turkish food.

Ahmet’s had a line 20 people long, and even though we had a reservation, we had to wait it out, and check out the food that people were enjoying at the outside tables.

I love a restaurant with the kitchen on show.

Sue and I were taken back to 1997, where we spent 3 weeks in Turkey after we were married.  We recalled our apple tea’s whilst we were shown various rugs and kilims. Sean forgot his flash, so the photo’s don’t do the place justice.

We started with some bread with Beetroot and Hummus dips, and they were perfect!  We decided to share a platter for two, which included Kiymali Pide (mince meat pide), Mixed Meze (oven roasted vegetables, falafel & vine leaf rolls), Mixed grill Platter (lamb, chicken & adana skewers & lamb cutlet with rice) and to finish was some Turkish Delight.  We weren’t able to finish everything, though not for the lack of trying.  The food and ambience didn’t disappoint, and we will be coming back.

Our platter

On the way out, we spotted a picture of Ataturk.  When we were in Turkey, I can’t recall a room that we ever entered, that didn’t have a picture of this guy.

We were then off to the convention centre to see Eddie Izzard.

Sue and I have seen Eddie before, and when I belatedly realised that he was coming to town, I was well pleased that we were still able to get tickets.  I wasn’t able to take my camera into the event, and the photos I talk with the iphone were a little underwhelming. Eddie’s performance was it’s usual high standard.

Eddie image c/- SmilingMAD’s site

I think the days activities tuckered me out a little and I fell into bed when we got home.

Today’s song of the day is Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline.  I picked this song as, last night I came across @requestfest on twitter which play’s 90’s music of the  genre that is right up my alley.  STP’s song came on soon after I tuned in. Michael Tunn runs the show, and memories of 90’s triple j came flooding back. You can see the webite here  I am thinking this will be a regular Saturday night playlist if we are home.

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