2012 – Bring it

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

As I have written before, I am very much a goal and list orientated kinda guy, so the start of each year, well leading up to it if I am honest about it, and start pulling together the list of things that didn’t get the tick last year, and look for what are the goals next year.

Before I get to anal about the level of detail I go to, the ultimate goal for 2012: is Happiness and Health.  Everything else is derived from these.

Now  besides being some would say, over analytical about this process, I am also a geek and like geek things.  So we use google apps for our email at the Kelly Gang household, and it comes with “Sites”.  I have created one for my goals, which is visible to the Bride she can hold me accountable if things aren’t progressing or even starting…

Screenshot of the site

I tend to break down my goals into categories, and whilst it may seem overkill, it serves me well to make sure I have balanced the goals for the year.  The categories are:

  • Family
  • Business / Work
  • Fitness and Health
  • Finance
  • House
  • Photography
  • Technical Skills
  • Personal Development / Fun

I have then grouped all of the activities for each (if there are any) by month.

I know when I sneak a lot at the stats of this site, there isn’t anyone else that will read this post but me, but dear google could crawl and make some info available quite easily.  For that reason I won’t divulge much of the detail, but for some examples:

Photography:  Commence 52 week project, Build a Home Studio, Produce a quality portfolio, Earn some income (small and in 2nd Half)

Personal Dev / Fun: Surfing at least once a month, Playing Guitar more regularly and the kids to start playing this year (seems they’re ready), more live music

Fitness and Health: Join Team Sport for weekly play, GC Half Marathon, BNE to GC 100k ride, 4,000 km on the bike for year, Goal weight / shape, More AFD’s per week (been in holiday mode too long), Gym to continue at current frequency

Today’s Song of the day seems apt, and I just requested it on @RequestFest  tunnster.com where the tunes are rocking my world at present: Regurgitator – Everyday Formula


4 thoughts on “2012 – Bring it

  1. Hello Sean. Nice to meet you. Love the accountability factor with the goals. It always helps when the goals extend beyond you … makes it more likely you’ll deliver 🙂
    Thanks for visiting DFF. Don’t forget to put some INXS on that mixed tape ….
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

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