Thursday April 5, 2012

We headed out to Moogerah Dam to check out the facilities of the campground, and visit the Gill’s and the White’s who were camping there in the holidays.  As soon as we saw the camp site across the dam, we knew this was a great area.  Sue’s fear of snakes running rampant everywhere diminished a little, when she saw the setup.  The cows roaming freely across the road and wading into the dam, also got her into good spirits.  Sean immediately sensed this and went to work on the, hey we could go camping again routine.  “You and the kids can go anytime” was the quick retort.  Oh well, maybe it will get an easier sell as the day goes on.

As the gang got there early in the holiday period, they had commandeered some prime spots, right on the water’s edge.  The White’s parents have a boat that they can borrow, so it is towing children around the dam constantly over many daily sessions.



Haydon giving Ryan and Tegan some tuition

Sue loving camping!


Ready to set off 



Connor pulling one of his Dad’s moves


And another one…

Watching the activities



The kids had so much fun getting towed behind the boat, and I was smiling so hard watching their enjoyment whilst trying to steady the camera to get some shots.

See the bride really did enjoy it, even on the dam wall!

100% of our family had a great day, with 75% vowing to come back and camping here (100% if we were in the cabins).  Thanks for the invite to the Gill & White families!

Today’s song of the day is Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Cold Feet  A song I am really digging, and reflects my bride’s view towards camping.


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