B- for goal tracking

Wednesday 22 August, 2012

At the start of the year, I wrote a post about my goals for the year.  Every other week I review them, and ensure I am on track.

In most areas I am tracking well or at least have activities underway to get on track.  I have marked myself a B- overall, with A’s in some areas, and a D in one…

The area that has lapsed is my fitness and health goals.  I won’t be hitting anywhere near my goal k’s for my bike riding this year, and I had been grazing a little too long in the back paddock, and have undone some of my good work last year.

Nothing like the scales to shock you, and an acquaintance to comment after my recipe discussion with him, “So that’s why you are putting on weight” whilst patting my belly, to get me moving again.

So it’s back to logging everything in MyFitnessPal and at the gym whenever I can.  I am now 3rd week in, and starting to trend back to where I need to be.

Day 316 - iPhone 4

Fitness Apps in high rotation on the iPhone again

I am off to the snow next week, and I am hoping for a net neutral week with lots of food and drink to be offset with high energy skiing.

Today’s song of the day is one from my playlist of “up” songs to get me moving at the gym – Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio


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