Home from the snow

Sunday September 2, 2012

Well after a wonderful week away in the snow, and a road trip either side, it was great to roll in home yesterday afternoon.  Lots to write about with the trip, and I will pop up various posts over the next couple of weeks.

Almost 3,000 kms round trip

We tend to use our splash backs a lot for messages, recipe timings, and I draw a pic when I left very early the previous Saturday.  I love that Tegan, modifies these.

Pic waiting for me when I got home

When ever I can, I like to say thanks to people personally and professionally.  There was this time that a fellow photog helped me out a lot when I was learning how to light images.  Well even though I do it each year, it stills gives Sue a surprise (somehow???) when she gets flowers delivered to her work saying thanks.

I got to see the flowers first hand when I got home.

More stories from the trip to come.

Today’s song of the day will be a new song that I heard whenever I had triple j on the radio on the trip.  The new song by Grinspoon – Passerby 

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