Another teenager in the house

It was Tegan’s Birthday on Friday, and she has entered her teens.  With a sleep over organised with friends on Saturday, it became a 3 day Celebration of Tegan.

tegan_13 (1 of 15)

What greeted Tegan on her birthday

We moved all the photography gear out of the studio and converted the room into Tegan’s party room.

tegan_13 (2 of 15)

tegan_13 (3 of 15)


Sue did a great job decorating (I didn’t get enough shots of the room draping)

Tegan had one friend arrive early and they started baking brownie surprise for the other 6 that would be arriving. That would go along with all the other treats that threaten the waistline of the author if the kids don’t finish them off.

A work mate of Sue’s (Hi Julie), has a daughter that works wonders with cupcakes, and made the delicious morsels seen below.

tegan_13 (4 of 15)

tegan_13 (5 of 15)

These tasted as good as they looked

Presents were opened, beds claimed, and off to have some fun in the party room.

tegan_13 (7 of 15)

tegan_13 (8 of 15)

tegan_13 (9 of 15)

I didn’t see this guy arrive, hope he appreciates very loud noise

Tegan’s choice of dinner for her friends was pizza, and whilst we love mexican, cooking up mexican for a third night, may have been a bit much…

tegan_13 (11 of 15)

this has all of the carb food groups covered

tegan_13 (12 of 15)

do we really need ice cream as well (it was very good though)

Somehow, a onesie dress standard was called for, and Sue’s was liberated for Tegan.


photo courtesy of Tegan

Much dancing, singing, pass the parcel, snacks, movies, popcorn and ‘minimal’ incidents ensured a great night and morning.  Sue seems able to cope with the noise made by the girls, but Ryan and I needed to retreat to cope for a while.

tegan_13 (10 of 15)

glow sticks light the path to the party room

Tegan has really enjoyed sewing since doing it at school in the first semester this year. She learned how to make a cute bag, and decided to make one for each of those that came to her party.  She now has requests in for a larger model from her mum.

tegan_13 (13 of 15)

tegan_13 (14 of 15)

tegan_13 (15 of 15)

great job with the bags!

Well we managed to survive, and the girls had a great time, and my hearing is just starting to return to normal…

Today’s song of the day is an old favourite of mine teenager of the year – Lo-Tel


One thought on “Another teenager in the house

  1. The party looked like it was planned, photographed and decorated by a team of pros!!! Great parents you both are for making your little girls first steps into teenage years one to remember. Capture every moment because sooner than you think it will be her 16th etc!!

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