Harry Snow Trip Day 3

Monday August 25, 2014

As it tends to happen on these trips, the first night on the snow is celebrated with a few beverages and banter, and there are usually a couple of people that push on.  I pulled stumps at a reasonable hour, and got up around 3:30 to hear the party still going. I headed over to the party unit at 7:00 to grab a coffee and found a couple of people still going!


the bar

It was a glorious morning on the mountain, and I always have a smile from ear to ear when I skid down the hill from our unit to the chairlift.

on the lift to the top




After carrying some leg injuries for the last couple of months that I couldn’t shake, I decided the last week to see a sports doctor, who diagnosed a couple of issues, which were confirmed with a MRI.  The main issue is a tear in meniscus, a fissure tear but a bit a of horizontal tear as well.  So I probably shouldn’t be skiing this week.  The reason I am mentioning this (besides  remembering this in the future) is that I am not skiing as hard / fast as I would normally, as I am doing my best to not injure it further.  Unfortunately, by favouring my knee, and skiing more tentatively, I am more prone to catching an each in soft snow.


I wasn’t so sure about the soft conditions of the snow, and how the knee would hold up, but had a great session with some of the guys, and then just Gilly and I.


Fire and ice ingredients


Glenn and Gilly prepping dinner


I was made this drink which is one that Sue will love, which was named a Jaffa, as that is what it tasted like

The Jaffa

Today’s song of the day is TISM Greg the stop Sign as it was played and sung loudly by a few folk today.


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