Boxing Day Snow Monkeys

Saturday 26 December, 2015

Well this wasn’t our typical boxing day of eating Christmas left overs, watching the cricket and the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, for yours truly, whilst Sue hits the sales at Carindale with Tegan and any sisters wanting to head.

Though, today we had slated to see the snow monkeys!

First though, we just to see white outside the apartment window, which was a very welcome sight!
3W9A3887 3W9A3886
When we got to the monkey area, a ranger (I am guessing) started to blow a whilst and sprinkling seed around a stream, and hundreds of monkeys came streaming down a steam mountain, it was quite a site to see, as we were told, sometime no monkeys come at the time of tour. 3W9A3888 3W9A3891 3W9A3894 3W9A3897
3W9A3956 3W9A3928 3W9A3920 3W9A3919 3W9A3912 3W9A3910 3W9A3908 3W9A3902 3W9A3899
Sue in red jacket checking out the monkeys
popular place!
We dropped into another onsen town on the way home, and it must have been bath time as there was much clopping of wooden thongs, as they were mostly dressed in traditional wear.
3W9A3970 3W9A3967 3W9A3966
old school arcade parlour3W9A3964
We found some good ramen for the boys, and suitable options for the girls for dinner.

We were a bit tuckered out, so we had a cruisy evening watching anime on netflix at our apartment, whilst I caught up somewhat with this blog. Whilst I love that we have a historical record of our travels, it does tend to take time to get them done!

One thought on “Boxing Day Snow Monkeys

  1. Love reading all of your posts Sean – well worth the effort for us back home. Susie would have been in heaven with all of those Snow Monkeys, all looks soooooo beautiful!!

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