Off to Japan to see a mate

Thursday 27th April, 2017

I get to go to Japan, squeeee!!! I got a leave pass from the bride, taking advantage of some cheaper flights available through Jetstar. This would allow me to visit a mate, who is recovering from a horrific accident. The rest of the family got to meet Raul at the end of 2015 in Tokyo – post about visit

Raul was driving back late in the evening when he must have dozed off, and moved into the path of an oncoming truck!

I received a message from Raul’s facebook account, but it was his wife Miho, letting me know what had happened.

We chatted for a while, and Raul wasn’t able to talk as he was intubated, he made signs and passed on messages.


Pretty serious hardware

Raul later still didn’t have much use of his limbs, but was philosophical by saying “After being dead for seven minutes being how I am now is already great”.  Since then he has continued to improve!


The Car

Miho helping the healing process immensely!

The accident didn’t break his sense of humour bone 🙂

We sent a care package containing Aussie treats

I said on one of our calls, that I would see if I can grab some cheap flights when he is able to lift a beer, and toast the unbreakable guy.  So glad I can do that tomorrow!

The flight was Brisbane to Cairns, then on to Osaka, staying at the airport for internal transfer tomorrow.  Looking forward to one or 2 beers with Raul, and seeing a side of Japan that I haven’t seen before, that of a smaller town, set on a surf beach.

Today’s song of the day is New Order – Crystal, which was featured in the film Unbreakable with Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson.

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