We’re Off!

November 30, 2017

Tegan has finished year 12, and with great results. Sue and I are so proud of her, and her amazing growth in the past 3 years since changing schools.

As we did with Ryan, we planned an overseas holiday for her over the last 12 months, and her decision was France and Italy, not a bad choice at all!

We left Ryan a craft beer advent calendar

Ryan is holding the fort at home with Charlie, and after he dropped us off around 7:45 PM, we steadied ourselves for the long journey ahead.  Tegan has been ill the last week with a cold and cough, let’s hope she can relax on the plane.

Guard dog Charlie instructed on the security requirements in our absence

The first leg to Abu Dhabi wasn’t pleasant for Tegan, with only around an hour of sleep due to the constant coughing, same for yours truly keeping an ear out for her.

We are a long way from most places in oz

We had a couple of hours stop in transit, then another 8 and a bit hour flight to Paris.  Tegan got really ill on this leg, and we had to use ice to bring down her temperature.  Sue then went out in sympathy with a migraine, as she doesn’t agree with the cabin pressure on the plane at the best of times.

Ready for the first leg

We grabbed our luggage and a taxi to our airbnb in the 2nd arrondissement area of Paris and we finally made it, in just under 30 hours door to door.

Unusual for our experiences with airbnb’s but there wasn’t many supplies, including no toilet paper in the flat which means that I bolt out for supplies with limited French and knowledge of the area, but I managed to muddle my way through.

Sue wasn’t well enough to head out for a brief explore, so she rested while Tegan and I took a late afternoon stroll to the Seine to have a quick look around, as well as spotting the Eiffel tower around the next reach of the river.

Close to where we are staying

Early night all around, ready for a day of exploration tomorrow.

Today’s song of the day is Air – La Femme D’Argent, which is a band that I really like, and this album, Moon Safari, is right up there among my favourites.

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