Hello, it has been a while…

Hello, my 2 readers!

I trust you are well in your part of the world!

Apologies for my absence, though I have been writing in other forums / areas to still express myself.

Warning, some dark material ahead, but needed to get this out of my head…

Warning 2, my jokey norm is not in this post…

So, the last 18 months have been a bit shit with my family’s health, not my immediate family (wife and the kids, the only 2 biologically known people to me – story for another day if you didn’t know that)

I will expand further in coming posts, but the headlines are:


My mum has suffered depression all of her life, and it was quite difficult with her growing up and beyond. She really broke down with vascular dementia in the last 18 months and is now in a care facility that suits her needs.

It was a very difficult path, one I am still processing. “You are not my son” still cuts me to my core, as this was an angle she used on me in the past being an adopted kid.

That being said I haven’t seen her as positive since my kids were born. It is wonderful.  She looks genuinely happy to see me. Thank you to Sue, for stepping in, when I could not.


My brother believed he had MND, which he did not.

He dropped 100 tablets at his work but was found in time.

He tried again in the hospital, cutting himself

He was moved to a secure area and monitored.

Got out, tried again.

He heads into a new facility tomorrow.

This guy doesn’t take my calls 98% of the time. I always take his, as it is rare that he reaches out. He has reached out recently.

I want him to stick around.

Thanks for letting me vent.




Oh hi there, both of my 2 readers!

April 24, 2017

Thought I better check in, all is well here, so you can stop your emails,  txt’s and letters of concern.  That you were possibly going to write in the coming months.

I have been writing quite a bit, though mostly journaling, ideas for larger subjects and writing for myself.  I did launch a new project which is mostly photos though of the area that we live in, When in Wynnum.

A couple of topics, that randomly have jumped into my head as I type:

  • Our family has a jetski, and it is a lot of fun!;
  • I head to Japan in 2 days to see a good mate, that shouldn’t be with us anymore after a car accident.  He had made an incredible recovery, and the bride gave the green light to celebrate;
  • Child#1 got through his  first year of uni, and added another degree to his maths one;
  • Child#2 going great in year 12, a joy to watch her find her feet, and start sprinting after changing schools a couple of years back;
  • Marathon training for me going to plan (ish)
  • Bride may be starting to run next week (woohoo)
  • My work going really well, it was a shocker 2 years ago with a particular issue threatening to toss in the towel. So glad that we pushed through!
  • The bride and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in January, in Leas Vegas and a cruise to Mexico.  This deserves a separate post, and I have my notes/photos!
  • We just went on a 10 day cruise as a family, with SIL and BIL, and it was fantastic!  Up north to Port Douglas, Cairns and then down to Sydney and in through the heads, wich is why I signed on.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
  • Oh, the bride and I saw spiderbait play at the Tivoli recently, and I think I created 3 new smile wrinkles with how happy I was with the night. The bride even grabbed me a signed poster from their original album launch! 

Today’s song of the day was on when I was starting this post, and the bride walked in and said, is this the Mutton Birds?  It reminds me of London and when we saw the Go Betweens, with the The Mutton Birds supporting. Exactly!!
The Mutton Birds – The Heater

127 days

So I have signed up for my second marathon, July 2 at the Gold Coast. I was feeling that I needed a larger focus for fitness and well being this year, as I had a ho-hum 2016.

I have had a kind offer from a fellow bayside runner to write me a program and coach me towards the event, which is superb!  Michelle is also under Brad’s wing, and runs a very similar pace and plan, so it will be good to not always be running solo, not that bothers me.  I do find it quite meditative now when I run, which past Sean would have never said!



If you are on strava, link up with me here.


Lovely day on the water

Saturday 11 June, 2016

One of the unexpected benefits of joining in with the local Wynnum parkrun, was meeting people of the community that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to chat with.  The common experience of puffing out a 5k on Saturday morning, allows you to go up to someone you don’t know and say “gday, how did you go this morning?” and barriers drop away, and you are conversing with great people.

Why the preamble, when the title says something about boats you ask. Good question!

Well after I got home from parkrun, I had a hankering to get on the water, and I recalled a kind offer from Kurt, that I could borrow his kayak anytime.  I hit him up, and he said no problem, and then added did I want to come boating with a few others?  I didn’t want to be a third wheel, and said as much, but the offer remained if I could be ready by 9:30.  I asked if there was room for Tegan as well (yes there was) and I promptly woke her and asked if she wanted to head out on a boat.  “Will we fish?” were the first bleary words from her.

There were going to be a couple of boats, and John was taking his jetski for a strap as well.  Great crew, should be good fun!



John and Joey with hot beverages in hand

IMG_4321Tegan keen to get out there

Maiden voyage for Mark & Liz’s boat
Heading towards Peel Island, Dolphins were spotted and we backed off the speed, and cruised about spotting a pod feeding on bait fish.


IMG_4333Joey and Tegan spotting for Dolphins


We then headed into Horseshoe Bay, Peel Island.



John took me for a run, and let me have a drive of his wave ski, so much fun, and the speed gets to 80km/h in no time!


Verne took Tegan for blat on John’s ride.


Tegan and Verne when they we both dry


In the drink

Fancy having the video going…


Winter, huh…

We had a feed, chat and pulled anchor to head off.


Heading back to the boat ramp, ready for that snooze the clean, salt air brings on.

no fish today, but there is talk of a next time

An unexpected highlight of the trip, was the slow cruising over shallow sandbanks.  We got to see turtles, stingrays, starfish and a shovel nose ray. No dugongs this time.IMG_4355

Sounder told us dugongs and turtles in the area, go slow




Starting to cool down a little






Such a fantastic day out spent with Tegan and friends. As I write this I am working on how a boat may be in our future, and how to bring that future forward…





Been in the top paddock a little long

Sunday May 23, 2016

So, tomorrow has me starting a 10 week plan “Gut-Reducto” (TM).  It’s a name I just made up then, and is as lame as my current overall fitness.  I have slowly grazed myself back to a point of not being very happy at all, and scales hit rock bottom recently. So time to make some changes…

I now have a bet on with KMac (don’t know if I can publish his name) for $100 for the fastest of us pair at the Sunshine Coast Half Marathon in August.  This will keep me focused on the goal of dropping almost 10kegs.  He is faster, and in better shape, so it won’t be an easy task.

I will post updates from time to time. I ran a half marathon distance this morning to benchmark my progress. Got through it, the body a little stressed at the end.


I will miss you chocolate, ice cream and beer,  not completely, just some strong moderation apllied..

Wish me luck!


Boxing Day Snow Monkeys

Saturday 26 December, 2015

Well this wasn’t our typical boxing day of eating Christmas left overs, watching the cricket and the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, for yours truly, whilst Sue hits the sales at Carindale with Tegan and any sisters wanting to head.

Though, today we had slated to see the snow monkeys!

First though, we just to see white outside the apartment window, which was a very welcome sight!
3W9A3887 3W9A3886
When we got to the monkey area, a ranger (I am guessing) started to blow a whilst and sprinkling seed around a stream, and hundreds of monkeys came streaming down a steam mountain, it was quite a site to see, as we were told, sometime no monkeys come at the time of tour. 3W9A3888 3W9A3891 3W9A3894 3W9A3897
3W9A3956 3W9A3928 3W9A3920 3W9A3919 3W9A3912 3W9A3910 3W9A3908 3W9A3902 3W9A3899
Sue in red jacket checking out the monkeys
popular place!
We dropped into another onsen town on the way home, and it must have been bath time as there was much clopping of wooden thongs, as they were mostly dressed in traditional wear.
3W9A3970 3W9A3967 3W9A3966
old school arcade parlour3W9A3964
We found some good ramen for the boys, and suitable options for the girls for dinner.

We were a bit tuckered out, so we had a cruisy evening watching anime on netflix at our apartment, whilst I caught up somewhat with this blog. Whilst I love that we have a historical record of our travels, it does tend to take time to get them done!

A day of green and gold

Tuesday 22nd December, 2015

Today we were checking out a couple of local sites, and doing some shopping.

I had heard to get ahead of the crowds, you need to head to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove early.  Even with this dumbass setting his alarm for PM rather than AM, I still managed to get there and grab some photos before the hoards come in, and the rest of the gang were fully stirred back at HQ.

3W9A3809 3W9A3825 3W9A3826
We went in search of a couple of items to purchase, and Sue had researched a place to restock one of our brekky staples.
cliche aussies, but a welcome purchase
It was then off to the golden pavilion, and it was a spectacle to see.
Sometimes we were unsure if you are walking in front of someone taking a pic on their hone or it’s a selfie, as there is so much to photograph all around you. 3W9A3837
We then headed to the bamboo grove, and it was stark the contrast between the number of people there to that earlier in the morning.
Today’s song of the day is Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion

The train debacle to Osaka

Saturday December 19, 2015

Let me start today’s post with an admission.  I am a not a smart man. So with that out of the way, on with the day’s story.

So to date, we have had such a great experience with the trains in Japan. Always on time, well signed stations, in english, to allow us to move between platforms easily for connections.

We were out the door at 7:40 for the local train into Osaka, and allow us time to get to the Thunderbird to Osaka. I saw the Thunderbird symbol saying platform 0, so we headed that direction and then I spotted the Osaka train was leaving from platform 5, so off we went.  At 2 minutes to go, I started, well we all did, that the platform display wasn’t our specific train, but a local train to Osaka. Quick look up on google maps journey planner told me to get our asses to platform 7 stat.  So we ran. FAST. Got there a minute late, but train was waiting.  Jumped on, and headed towards a destination unknown to us, and in the opposite direction.  No seats were available, so we stood in between carriages, looking very much like the gumbies, I felt like.  One kind Japanese lady, had seen my concern, and when she came through the carriage she asked if she could help. I asked where the first stop would be, and she did show me on the map.

After getting off, explaining the situation to the JR office, and I am sure seeing some giggling behind the scenes, which is totally cool with this Gaijin.  New tickets were booked all the way through to Osaka, and we were off to the races!

We got the slow train back, and had 7 mins to get back to our station. Now that we knew the layout, and we should have been on the Thunderbird station 0, that’s where we headed.  To miss our next train, which was leaving platform 7…

What do you do… I apologised, we laughed and said, o well, let’s get a coffee (and maybe a doughnut)  So our third attempt at a high speed train to Osaka, proved successful, albeit many hours later…

Once in Osaka, we got onto the suburban train network, which we screwed up again, when the train actually split into two, and our section went a different path than we wanted… Man…

But, we made it to Osaka, and we wanted to see the aquarium.


IMG_3341It was a very impressive aquarium, with many displays, as well as a massive main tank, that you continually go down levels to see the different marine line levels.


This sardine was happy to see me3W9A3482

Tegan and Ryan taking it in


I was conflicted about seeing the whale shark in the aquarium

We went in search for lunch when we were back in the Osaka city, and the routine of boys searching for something Japanese and girls, western, continued.


Did I really get a 90’s flashback to an aussie drink in Osaka?IMG_3347

All food groups coveredIMG_3345

Our gracious chef, no english and we were glad for itIMG_3356The owner took our pic when he saw me taking photos

We headed for Osaka tower, and we realised there was pressure on time, to get all things done that we wanted.  So we called it once we had headed up to the top to not go to the sky garden for a look at Osaka from up high and head to Dotonbori.


Christmas markets at Osaka Tower

It was a great area to walk around in Dotonbori, and the crowds varied from extreme to comfortable in some of the off the path alleys.  It certainly had a great vibe about it.

3W9A3524 3W9A3520

Ryan has been quite adventurous with his food exploration, now the most adventurous of the Kelly gang.  He wanted to go in search of the local speciality, Takoyaki.3W9A3521

3W9A35183W9A3516 3W9A3517We were then seduced by the arcades, and went for look

I have no idea…3W9A3512

catch your dinner restaurant3W9A3500

After a very long day, we ironically finished back on platform 0 where it all started…


Today’s song of the day is one from my usual running playlists, which seems appropriate today as I am a happy idiot! TV On The Radio – Happy Idiot

Caloundra Holiday

December 2014

A quick post to get back in the swing of recording words publicly.  We had a superb holiday in Caloundra last December, where we ticked off the usual suspects such as: beach time, surf club, mexican feast and catchups with friends.

We love Caloundra, some shiny bits, beautiful coastline, daggy parts, and the salt air that makes you want to read books and snooze.

I had a shot of a making a quick video compilation in prep for our family holiday in a month’s time.

Harry Snow Trip Day 4 – Clear Snow

Tuesday August 26, 2014

We woke up to a rainy day, which is never a lot of fun.  I went up the hill with Paul, as we heard that some of the guys were across the other side of the hill.  We headed up and across to a couple of t bars, and it was a white out.  We were flat out seeing far in front of us, and it was a bizarre feeling of everything white, and not knowing the slope of the hill until you start speeding up unexpectedly.

We battled on for an hour, and called time.  Each time thoughts of heading out came up, the rain came again.


On the t-bar, before the white out

Lots of time was spent, chatting with fellow harriers.

Following are some pics of one of the units, Unit 3, which 5 of us are staying in this year.  Nigel and Paul has the master bedroom with en suite, Gilly and I in the 2nd bedroom, and Pete has the window bed – the best view of the mountain!)






 Pete’s bed for the week





looking down to units 5 & 6, where the rest of the Harry crew are staying





drying room essential for days like todayDSCF4880




Thoughts of our family holiday in Mürren with the following 2 items in our unit.



Today’s song of the day is The Cult – Rain