Harry Snow Trip Day 3

Monday August 25, 2014

As it tends to happen on these trips, the first night on the snow is celebrated with a few beverages and banter, and there are usually a couple of people that push on.  I pulled stumps at a reasonable hour, and got up around 3:30 to hear the party still going. I headed over to the party unit at 7:00 to grab a coffee and found a couple of people still going!


the bar

It was a glorious morning on the mountain, and I always have a smile from ear to ear when I skid down the hill from our unit to the chairlift.

on the lift to the top




After carrying some leg injuries for the last couple of months that I couldn’t shake, I decided the last week to see a sports doctor, who diagnosed a couple of issues, which were confirmed with a MRI.  The main issue is a tear in meniscus, a fissure tear but a bit a of horizontal tear as well.  So I probably shouldn’t be skiing this week.  The reason I am mentioning this (besides  remembering this in the future) is that I am not skiing as hard / fast as I would normally, as I am doing my best to not injure it further.  Unfortunately, by favouring my knee, and skiing more tentatively, I am more prone to catching an each in soft snow.


I wasn’t so sure about the soft conditions of the snow, and how the knee would hold up, but had a great session with some of the guys, and then just Gilly and I.


Fire and ice ingredients


Glenn and Gilly prepping dinner


I was made this drink which is one that Sue will love, which was named a Jaffa, as that is what it tasted like

The Jaffa

Today’s song of the day is TISM Greg the stop Sign as it was played and sung loudly by a few folk today.


A cruise to look forward to

Sunday 12 February, 2012

We had some friends over last Saturday night for dinner, and they spoke about a cruise they had booked for the end of year.  Sue and I have had on our lists of holidays, to do a cruise for some time, and this was all the push we needed.  So after investigating the availability, price, timings and getting Charlie the wonderdog booked into the kennels, we paid our deposit.

The boat we will be on, photo courtesy of P&O

9 nights from December 27th, should be a great time!  I love having something off in the future to look forward to!

Song of the day today seems apt, well apt given I will be onboard Ship of Fools by World Party

Woods and Wine

Monday 26 September 2011

We popped down the road to the Blue Mermaid  to have a in and out brekky if they can do it, before we are picked up in 30 minutes for our tour from Extranomical –  Redwoods and Sonoma tour .

Our tour guide, Rick was fantastic, though the strong Italian accent at the start of the tour had me wondering how much local knowledge he would have. He didn’t fail to impress with his knowledge, humour and attention to detail throughout the whole day.

We headed across the Golden Gate bridge and into the not so great vision. Again…

We traveled to the Muir woods and we had a 1.5 hours to wander around.

Arriving at the entrance to the woods

Shots of the woods and some wooden folk



We then headed off to the Sonoma wine region.

Climbing out of the woods enroute to Sonoma

We visited the Jacuzzi Winery for our first tasting.  We tasted 6 wines as well as a dessert wine served in a chocolate shot container, then you eat after sipping a little of the wine.  Fred our host taught us (well me) about the dominant nostril, and the right way to sniff wine. We left with 2 bottles of wine and some olive tapenade.

Entering the Sonoma region


Jacuzzi Winery and our bus


Fred our host


We had lunch at Sonoma square, and had a stroll around.  It was a very nice area, and we could see it would be a lovely weekend escape for the SF locals.

We headed off to another winery, which was a little lame for the amount of time we had allocated but we still tasted, bought a bottle of Rose, and waited for the bus for 40 minutes.

Rose purchased

We then headed back towards San Francisco via Saussilto.  The weather was finally nice around the bridge area so we stopped for impromptu Golden Gate pics, which was awesome due to our bad luck with the visibility to date.

Finally saw the bridge without cloud / fog


We chilled out for a bit and them we headed out for some Italian and a stroll around the fisherman’s wharf area.


Quick Surf, goodbyes and off to San Fran

Saturday September 24, 2011

Last sun up in Waikiki, and Ryan was promised a surf if he could get himself up early enough, so we had an hour in the water which was a nice way to end our trip.  We got back, and got into the packing in ernest, as we were out the door at 11:00 for the airport.

Paid our respects to the Duke for the last time

We cashed in our receipts we had collected at the ABC stores (you get a gift depending on the amount spent, and we had enough for a couple of gifts)


Last trip to the ABC store



Last walk out the entrance to our hotel


We arranged for Mark from Hawaii23 to give us a lift to the airport, and again, he was great service, and we highly recommend using him if in the area.


We got to the airport, checked (and paid $25 each) our bags with Hawaiian Airlines 22 to San Francisco.

Our plane almost a green light

Ryan killing time with a game


Where are our bags, 4 tired people here…

A little over 5 hours in the air, and 3 hours lost in time zones, had us in late local time, and we were all tired and needed to get some sleep for our city tour in the morning

Golf, Shopping and hitting the wall

Tuesday September 20, 2011

Today’s plan is for the boys to go in one direction – Golf, and the girls to head in another direction – Shopping.

During our trip to the North Shore on the previous day, I had a cold that seemed to get worse as the day went on, and during the night I developed a fever and felt pretty bad.  I grabbed some cold tablets early morning and hoped chemistry and praying would stave off the cold, especially as I didn’t want to pull the pin on the golf game.

Whether it was the placebo effect or the Acetaminophen, my tablets seem to be making a difference, so I would head out for the golf.  We could only arrange a 1:17PM tee time, but an earlier email (a fe months back) said you can come down and get on the standby list, so that is what we decided to to.

We walked over to the Ala Wai course, whilst the girls got themselves ready to head to the Alo Moana shopping centre.

Shot of the course from their website

The boys put their name on the list and were told we would have time to get our hire gear when we were called up. We sat and waited and after waiting for a just a bit, we were approached by a casual”eddie would go” muscle shirt wearing local, who just started having a general chat, and then said, did we want to sort out our club hire.  Seems this was our pro shop dude.

He was wonderfully friendly and giving us discounts on balls / tees and the like.  As we were chatting more, he used to be on the surfing pro tour in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

We were then called up as our place was ready!  We later found out that this course was either the busiest in the USA of the world, depending on the reliability of the 2 local golfers.  To tee off, your buggies start in the “hold”, then you are on “deck”, then on the tee.

Our buggies in the hold

On deck


Names are announced for each of these three, for each group teeing off to ensure that the course moves smoothly…  Although, allowing groups of 6 to play seems to defeat the purpose, and yes we had a group of 6 in front of us.

Chris looking confident 

Ryan and I shared one buggy, with Chris and Staf in the other.  Chris was nice enough to undo the holding strap on my clubs, so when I first took off in the buggy, off the back my clubs went.  I was trying to work out what had happened, whilst being embarrassed in front of the other holding area crew, when Chris owned up.


Nice setting



Ryan in action


The buck in action



We had a nice round, but by hole 13 I was flagging, and didn’t think I could see out the 18, and let the guys know.  Ryan was having a good time so I just took it very easy and saw out the round.  Staf took out the honours for the golf.

Staf’s style

It was a struggle for me to walk back and I let the guys know I would be resting for the remainder of the day.

The girls got back around the same time to drop off their shopping, then they headed to Dukes for a few drinks.

Evidence Sue has arrived back from shopping

Sue took this shot of Candice and Tegan at Veronica’s Secret

I was rested for the remainder of the afternoon whilst the rest of the family watched the Hula and sunset show.