Lovely day on the water

Saturday 11 June, 2016

One of the unexpected benefits of joining in with the local Wynnum parkrun, was meeting people of the community that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to chat with.  The common experience of puffing out a 5k on Saturday morning, allows you to go up to someone you don’t know and say “gday, how did you go this morning?” and barriers drop away, and you are conversing with great people.

Why the preamble, when the title says something about boats you ask. Good question!

Well after I got home from parkrun, I had a hankering to get on the water, and I recalled a kind offer from Kurt, that I could borrow his kayak anytime.  I hit him up, and he said no problem, and then added did I want to come boating with a few others?  I didn’t want to be a third wheel, and said as much, but the offer remained if I could be ready by 9:30.  I asked if there was room for Tegan as well (yes there was) and I promptly woke her and asked if she wanted to head out on a boat.  “Will we fish?” were the first bleary words from her.

There were going to be a couple of boats, and John was taking his jetski for a strap as well.  Great crew, should be good fun!



John and Joey with hot beverages in hand

IMG_4321Tegan keen to get out there

Maiden voyage for Mark & Liz’s boat
Heading towards Peel Island, Dolphins were spotted and we backed off the speed, and cruised about spotting a pod feeding on bait fish.


IMG_4333Joey and Tegan spotting for Dolphins


We then headed into Horseshoe Bay, Peel Island.



John took me for a run, and let me have a drive of his wave ski, so much fun, and the speed gets to 80km/h in no time!


Verne took Tegan for blat on John’s ride.


Tegan and Verne when they we both dry


In the drink

Fancy having the video going…


Winter, huh…

We had a feed, chat and pulled anchor to head off.


Heading back to the boat ramp, ready for that snooze the clean, salt air brings on.

no fish today, but there is talk of a next time

An unexpected highlight of the trip, was the slow cruising over shallow sandbanks.  We got to see turtles, stingrays, starfish and a shovel nose ray. No dugongs this time.IMG_4355

Sounder told us dugongs and turtles in the area, go slow




Starting to cool down a little






Such a fantastic day out spent with Tegan and friends. As I write this I am working on how a boat may be in our future, and how to bring that future forward…






Last weekend 75% of the Kelly Gang headed to Lake Moogerah, for an overnight camp with the Whites and Gills.  We travelled out Saturday morning and the fog looked really eerie from Willowbank, all the way to the campsite.  It soon burned off to a glorious day!  We have visited here before a couple of years ago, but only for the day.

It's back!
Spirits were lifted on sighting that the bankcard is back!


Whilst there is a bit of effort with the packing, setup / pull down for one night, it was well worthwhile!

moog_blog (13 of 13)
Home for a night

Thanks to the rest of the crew for a great time on and off the water (Thanks for taking your boat Chris!)

So much fun on the water!

moog_blog (3 of 13)

moog_blog (2 of 13)

moog_blog (1 of 13)
our camp in the background

moog_blog (5 of 13)


moog_blog (7 of 13)

moog_blog (8 of 13)

moog_blog (4 of 13)

moog_blog (6 of 13)

Until there was a blow out with one of the toys…

moog_blog (9 of 13)
no hot melt gun, duct tape will have to do


moog_blog (10 of 13)
Kids settling in with the fire

moog_blog (11 of 13)

moog_blog (12 of 13)
Great to have Chris’s boat with us

I have been looking at other camping options and working on the other 25% joining us for the next one. 🙂

Song of the day is Kasabian – Fire, because well fire…  I was getting a little sleepy sitting around the fire at 7:00 PM but we were all still there after 11:00, with marshmallows of course.




Thursday April 5, 2012

We headed out to Moogerah Dam to check out the facilities of the campground, and visit the Gill’s and the White’s who were camping there in the holidays.  As soon as we saw the camp site across the dam, we knew this was a great area.  Sue’s fear of snakes running rampant everywhere diminished a little, when she saw the setup.  The cows roaming freely across the road and wading into the dam, also got her into good spirits.  Sean immediately sensed this and went to work on the, hey we could go camping again routine.  “You and the kids can go anytime” was the quick retort.  Oh well, maybe it will get an easier sell as the day goes on.

As the gang got there early in the holiday period, they had commandeered some prime spots, right on the water’s edge.  The White’s parents have a boat that they can borrow, so it is towing children around the dam constantly over many daily sessions.



Haydon giving Ryan and Tegan some tuition

Sue loving camping!


Ready to set off 



Connor pulling one of his Dad’s moves


And another one…

Watching the activities



The kids had so much fun getting towed behind the boat, and I was smiling so hard watching their enjoyment whilst trying to steady the camera to get some shots.

See the bride really did enjoy it, even on the dam wall!

100% of our family had a great day, with 75% vowing to come back and camping here (100% if we were in the cabins).  Thanks for the invite to the Gill & White families!

Today’s song of the day is Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Cold Feet  A song I am really digging, and reflects my bride’s view towards camping.