Thursday June 7, 2012

Ok, firstly a tip of the hat to Jane Kennedy, whose cookbooks adorn my collection and I love her recipes.  Along with being good for you, they are also very tasty.  Jane coined the term Piemakins as a pie served up in a ramiken, in her case, with a blitzed cauli top.

Jane’s books are superb!

Tuesdays and Thursday are busy nights with football training and Ryan not getting in until 7:30, so to find a meal that can have split times often falls back to omelette’s, toasted sangers and the like.  Well I had a thought yesterday morning on the bike (as I was trying to build up to a 50 km ride event in a fortnight, and not too successfully when you head off without your water bottle, but I digress…).  What if I slow cooked some braised food through the day, with enough left over for piemakins tomorrow night.  It must have been a great idea, as I got a wobble up on the bike, and a retired gent walking on his zimmer frame, passing me on the right, managed to settle my balance.

So last nights dinner was a success with the crew, and with the ingredients in the bank fridge, I was confident with our usual Thursday dinner dilemma.

First batch ready to go.  I had the pumpkin carrot mash top to try and be good.

A couple of behind the scenes shot, I decided to get a flash out and off the camera to get some shots

Second batch at the ready

Oven getting ready, with our beloved tea towel souvenir  from Disneyland

Tegan’s ready to go

I decided to make some sizzler toast as a side

Song of the day:  I made a new gym playlist this morning and I put some heavier stuff on it to help with heavier weights.  The logic sounded right at the time, when I thought of it.  So enjoy some Spiderbait – Monty.  A great Australian band, and I own a most of their catalogue.  Sarah Blasko coming on after this song in random order somehow worked as well… 🙂

Food related man crush

Monday October 31, 2011

Getting through the small and ‘adminy’ things today, lots of lines through the list, including an ATO related one, so glad that’s done!

For my family, it’s easy to buy me a gift for the Hallmark occasions, pretty much anything foodie related, I will be besotted.  So cook books are great for all concerned.  I spotted a cooking show a few years back, that featured a very friendly and bubbly guy, with perhaps a tendency to wear all white a little too often and a big smile for the camera.  Supplement the great recipes with the soundtrack (perhaps overusing) the Dynamic Hypnotics – Soul kind of feeling, and I am hooked.

So began my relationship with Bill Granger.

As soon as Sue noticed me watching the shows, the cook books started to arrive.  They are probably my most used books, as the recipes just seem to suit our family, even if I won’t cook in all white attire.  I have bought these books for others as presents as well.

BG books sans one


One regret I do have with all the travel that I used to do to Sydney, is that I didn’t head along to one of Bill’s restaurants. Even for at least his fabled scrambled eggs for breakfast.  There was always more things to get done before or after work, and being away from home meant not feeling guilty about working an even longer day.  That Sean won’t be reappearing again, that part of me has been exorcised.

Tonight’s dinner, brought to you by Bill’s “Feed me now” cookbook, is Braised Pork with pineapple salad.  Sue thinks I have a man crush on Bill, and it seems my arguments don’t seem to be quite strong enough in the negative 🙂

The missing book from the above shot



We still comment to each other, that we still love the kitchen we put in last year (well except for the painting bits for Sean to do), and I love that I can use our splashbacks with a whiteboard marker to make sure I get the timings right and don’t forget something until the flurry of  dishing out as in days past.

Glass splashbacks make for great recipe reminders, sketches and messages

The reaction of the crew coming home to comment on the aroma (in a good way) was reward enough.  It was really easy to prepare, and went down a treat!  “Best pork ever” is a call heard that will have me rolling it out again!

Service up!


Even Charlie the wonder dog got to enjoy some with her biscuits

It’s cup day tomorrow, and it will be different to not be in the regulation workplace sweeps, watching the cup with work peers.

So I couldn’t go past Dynamic Hepnotics – Soul Kind of Feeling from back in 1984 for the Song of the day.