Great weekend

After a later start to the day  as there is no kids sport in Saturday at the moment, and kindle setup and reading stretched close to 2AM, I go to finish the editing of some baby photos for friends.  I was seeing them this evening, and and I have taken too long after the shoot to get them to them. Here is one of the shots that they allowed me to publish as my shot of the day for my 365 a little while back.

Day 323 - Little Dude

When attended a dual birthday celebration for Sonia and her son Tobi at the Lota waterfront park.  The weather was windy, but no rain until were had said our goodbyes and were dashing to the car.  It was great to catch up with many friends that we haven’t seen for a while.

Tegan testing out the new fort

I need a long lens to sneak photos of Ryan, but I still get caught…

Sunday was fathers day, and one day that I truly cherish!  I do love my wife, family & friends, but as an adopted child, I really am smitten with the 2 humans I know about that I share my DNA.  I am blessed to have 2 brilliant kids… I received some great gifts including some gardening stuff that Tegan is keen to help out with, and she bought them all herself and was so excited to give them.

The last few fathers days have also had a hole in the day for me, since dad passed away.  I always steel myself for the call, then speak to mum about what dad would have done today, what steak he would have ordered when we took him to lunch…  I do miss him and his easy going nature.

I think I have shaken the achilles injury, and decided to test it out with a 5km run, then some stationary bike.  It held up ok, so I (foolishly) entered the 10k Bridge to Brisbane run in a weeks time.  I had a wonderfully relaxing afternoon doing some online shopping for lite light stands and double fold umbrellas, and I also need a lite tripod as well.  Our last big OS trip had me monopolising too much space and weight with the camera gear.  I then did some Rails programming, which I am enjoying immensely, and tested out the couch / kindle combo with Nick Hornby’s – Juliet Naked.

The family then took me to the local for dinner, which a great bookend to the weekend.