B- for goal tracking

Wednesday 22 August, 2012

At the start of the year, I wrote a post about my goals for the year.  Every other week I review them, and ensure I am on track.

In most areas I am tracking well or at least have activities underway to get on track.  I have marked myself a B- overall, with A’s in some areas, and a D in one…

The area that has lapsed is my fitness and health goals.  I won’t be hitting anywhere near my goal k’s for my bike riding this year, and I had been grazing a little too long in the back paddock, and have undone some of my good work last year.

Nothing like the scales to shock you, and an acquaintance to comment after my recipe discussion with him, “So that’s why you are putting on weight” whilst patting my belly, to get me moving again.

So it’s back to logging everything in MyFitnessPal and at the gym whenever I can.  I am now 3rd week in, and starting to trend back to where I need to be.

Day 316 - iPhone 4

Fitness Apps in high rotation on the iPhone again

I am off to the snow next week, and I am hoping for a net neutral week with lots of food and drink to be offset with high energy skiing.

Today’s song of the day is one from my playlist of “up” songs to get me moving at the gym – Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio

Steaks, Sculls & Summer prep

Sunday November 20, 2011

I have been a little busy of late and I have put the blog on the “I’ll get to it” list, and it hasn’t been happening.  A lot has been happening, and hopefully I can catchup on the events and post some of these.

One of the areas taking some time, is I am back on the fitness track, well more to say, daily consumption and exertion counting aka myfitnesspal.  This iphone / web app was integral in me losing 14kg earlier in the year.  Once I got to my goal, I still exercised, but I think our holiday and subsequent holiday mode has add a couple of kg back.  So I am on a 6 week personal challenge (with some relaxations) to get to the Christmas period in good shape.

I blew my daily calorie budget on Friday as I had a catchup with the guys that head down to the snow each year (sans 2 people) for dinner.  We met up at the Norman Hotel, and it wasn’t until the day of the catchup that I realised that one of the crew, who is a vegetarian, wouldn’ be happy with the venue.  There was one veg dish on the menu.  I guess they do give forewarning by saying they are the “worst vegetarian restaurant” in Brisbane.

The menu with the prominent their famous byline

12 of us await steaks, Tim’s pasta is elsewhere (Thanks to Bruce for the photo)

Ryan had a trial for rowing at a venue in Northern NSW, the Murwillumbah Rowing Club. I have always loved this part of the world, with the meandering Tweed River and the cane fields, and the venue was great, if a little far to head to after the night before…  After 1.5 hours on the road, Ryan got himself some food for a second breakfast and was set to head off.  The event was very well organised and catered, and rowing does look like a great sport.

Ryan in the final stages of the time trial

I was granted a second boys night leave pass in as many days, to head along for another PS3 games night at Anthony’s place.  To say I suck at these style of games is over selling my ability, but I do think Santa will be bringing one of these units for the kid’s Christmas present!  Hey we need a blue ray player, so it stands to reason, at least in my mind.  Sue if you are reading this, we need to talk about this 🙂

We live in a Queenslander style hoe and have some nice wood decks, that require oil to keep them happy.  I have been remiss in recent years, and with the outdoor season well and truly in play, I cleaned down the two main decks today with the karcher and the magic attachment.  So the deck is cleaned, ready for some oil.

Magic gadget photo (courtesy of bunnings website)

Boards are ready to go

We have our local bulk rubbish, curb side pickup this week, and it is always interesting to watch the comings and goings of vans, utes and trailers getting the jump on the council’s pick up service.  I like it that people will use / sell other’s throw out material rather than landfill.

Sue is off tonight with some girl friends to see some movie starring Bella, a bat and a dog.  Apparently it is the the last movie of the series, but only part one.  I haven’t had the chance to see this series as yet. 🙂

Bridge to Brisbane, Wallabies match and getting the camera out

I set my alarm for the first time in four weeks last night, and as per the usual script, I got up before it went off, I have no idea why this happens, but 9 times out 10 it happens this way.  I was up at 04:00 to get prepared for the Bridge to Brisbane 10 km run.  My longest run to (recent) date was not much over 5 km, so I was a little concerned.  So much so, that I made a special playlist for the tunes I would be listening to to take my mind off the pain.  The predicted temperature of 7 degrees thankfully didn’t great us, which was great, it was a balmy 10 as I headed in.

Temperature heading in

The line ups at the start were amazing!  Line up for parking, lineup for the toilet was scary and I second thought my pre-run visit, and the line up for the start was massive.

Part of the lineup for the start

Nothing like the lineup to pick up my race pack on Friday

Last night I tongue in cheek posted a response to Nathan’s facebook post (Nigel you really should join in with the kids) , that I would see him at the start line, and after sending each other good luck twitter messages from the massive pack behind the staring line (actually behind and around the corner quite a ways), he is standing beside me saying ‘hey’… He was a 10 min pace faster in his goals, so I let him go ahead as we headed up the bridge.  I spotted a photographer I know taking shots for the event, and I would have distracted her for a bit as I called out her name, and took her eye away from the camera. I actually got my photo taken by a shooting pal of hers at the finish area as well, but I digress…

I think the event itself helped carry me along, all of my concerns about breaking down, having to walk, seem to drift away as I chugged along at my pace.  I really enjoyed the temperature, sun on my back for the whole run (more or less), the sites of crazy dressed runners, bands lining the route, along with my soundtrack carrying me,  that before too long I was at the 7 km marker, and actually ahead of my ultimate goal time of 60 minutes.  The hill after the Breakfast creak hotel was a bit of a heart breaker, and there were even more slow joggers and walkers that I had to avoid and navigate.  I am sure I ran a lot further during the course because of this throughout the course.

I crossed the line (I think) around 55 mins after I started, and I will get official times in the paper tomorrow, but I am pretty stoked with the result.  I had the runkeeper app running for the race, and my run is found here.  In the end, Nathan and I (though unknowingly) pretty much ran the same pace all the way through.

I was pleased that my pace was pretty steady all the way through (if you take into account I started the logging early as we were shuffling to the start).  I know they aren’t so fast, just happy I didn’t die in a heap after 5 kms.  I am keen for next year, and 50 mins is my target now.

I was home by 8:15, and whilst the girls were awake, the household was still all in bed, well Charlie was certainly trying to get on the bed.

I was feeling pretty euphoric, and after doing a couple of jobs, and knowing the Wallabies had me in their power from 1:00, I decided to get out the photo gear again after a bit of a break.  I haven’t posted on flickr in quite a while, so I put together a quick lighting setup and snapped this one.

Haven't posted for a while, but that will change very soon

Thanks to my bride for letting me watch the rugby at “not normal” sports watching time today…  First half was 6-6, but the second half was a fantastic performance by the wallabies finishing the winners (with a bonus point) 32 – 6.  I need to revisit our travel itinerary staring this Saturday, and sporting bar locations that I didn’t think of when we started booking this trip 🙂

Bridge to Brisbane playlist

The tunes that will hopefully carry me to the finish line tomorrow.  Looks like it will be a very cold morning…

Sleepwalking    Ammonia
song 2    blur
Midlife Crisis    Faith No More
Destroy Everything You Touch    Ladytron
Thump    Bertie Blackman
Still Life    The Horrors
Lazy Eye    Silversun Pickups
L.E.S. Artistes    Santogold
I’m Stranded    The Saints
Rock & Roll Queen    The Subways
Jellylegs    Children Collide
Know Your Product    The Saints
Gouge Away    Pixies
Steamworks    The Presets
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret    Queens of the Stone Age
Street Spirit [Fade Out]    Radiohead
An Honest Mistake    The Bravery
Take Me Out    Franz Ferdinand
Eternally Yours    Laughing Clowns
The Bitter End    Placebo 
Hieronymus    Clouds
Unreal World    The Godfathers
Angry Youngish Man    Big Heavy Stuff
My Eagle    Children Collide
Shadow of the Season    Screaming Trees
Hey Boy Hey Girl    The Chemical Brothers
Phantom Limb    The Shins
She Sells Sanctuary    The Cult

Hopefully I will be finished around “The bitter End” at 1 hr 16 min, but I have some other songs in reserve…