Mid week guys catchup

Thursday September 8 2011

I haven’t been to many of the recent “gaming nights” with the fellas, as I am not really a gaming kinda guy.  Unsure why really, when back in the day I dropped a lot of coins into galaga, Gyruss and the like, and I guess I did get motion sickness after sessions on early versions of Doom when the bride and I were living on the Gold Coast, but back on point…

Wade has recently moved into a new place, and invited the guys over for some, pizza, beers and playstation fun.  The pizza and beer meant I needed to trash myself on the treadmill for a while to have some calories in the bank.  It will also be my last run before the Bridge to Brisbane 10k this Sunday.

Five of us made it to the night, including me, and it was great to catchup, check out what a bachelor pad looks like, and assist Wade with anything technical – great work Anthony!

We discussed lots of fun topics including the House Boat trip in December, and whether it was possible to reschedule to an earlier (cooler time).  It was the one weekend that 7 people could make, but with a removal of a planned big life event, it is worth exploring.

Dinner was ordered by the newly setup internet, and subsequently arrived after more chats and laughs.

The playstations then came out!  One was projected onto a wall of blinds  and the other was connected to Wades TV.

Cordless controllers were great for sitting back
in the lounge and looking at the distant big screen.

Big screen setup for the game

Three going up against each other on the big screen.

Whilst I was an easy beat in the all against each other version of the game, it was a nice night out, and I will be keen on being a regular.

Song of the day is Regurgitator – Black Bugs in reference to gaming, and they are a great Brissy band.