Pearl Harbor

Sunday 18 September, 2011

Ok, so posting the last 4 or 5 days way late, it has been non-stop, but lots of fun!

Today we headed off on a Pearl Harbor tour, which the bride organised very well for all 9 of us. We were picked up early close to our hotel, after some nervousness over where exactly we were to be picked up, we were off.  Some very informative commentary on the way about local customs, the school wherre Barrack Obama went, and the build up to the attack on Peral Harbor.  Sean was spending time figuring out, ok, this is some great info, he is going to want a tip, how much is reasonable again…

On the bus

I won’t go into the details of the various exhibits at Pearl Harbor, but it is a very impressive display and memorial of a very significant event, 70 years ago.  It is great that they were able to secure the Battleship Missouri, so as to mark the book ends of the war that the USA entered.  There is a memorial above the Arizona, where so many men lost their lives, and when the war began for the USA, and the Missouri is where Japan signed the surrender documents.

After arriving, and checking in any bags larger than a wallet, we headed to the movie theatre to get the background to the attack.

Chelsea and Tegan in the theatre (hopefully about to be quiet)

We then headed out on a launch to the Arizona memorial.

It was a sobering experience to see all the people who had lost their lives, and at such a young age.  Some people were brought to tears in this room.

The names of the fallen

Tegan and Chelsea at the memorial

Some of the Arizona is above the water level

Approximately 8.5 litres of oil still surfaces from the ship each day

Candice and Staf taking in the memorial

USS Missouri from the Arizona memorial

  We then headed back to the main park area, had a look around the rest of the sites (and shops) and jumped on the bus to head to the Missouri.

Heading towards the Missouri

The guns were huge, I think I heard this was where “that” Cher film clip was dine, but I wanted to erase that fact from my memory

Some of our crew

After the tour, we headed to our apartment where we all enjoyed a few drinks, some snacks and the view.  We made some rough plans for dinner, knowing a table for 9 at late notice maybe a stretch. Tegan and I headed to the lagoon for a swim, which was a refreshing end to the day.

We ended up finding an ok place for us to all eat, and the margaritas were very tasty, very large, and ver cheap.  It may make for an slower start to the day tomorrow…

Staf and Candice enjoying the margaritas