Radiohead #1

Image grabbed blatantly from the interwebs

I feel like I need to squee just a little bit… I get to see Radiohead, twice, yep twice in 8 days.  After what has been an eternity waiting to see these guys, as I had a golden ticket from Sue mentioned in an earlier post, when I managed to snag some tickets.

I also agreed to Nigel’s call out seeing who wanted to attend the first day of the cricket, along with a breakfast prior to the days play, so it was poised for quite a day…

The day started early, with a 4 at the start of the clock radio coming into focus as I realised it wasn’t Christmas day, but pretty close to it.  After ensuring tickets were packed in a very safe area of my bag, it was off to the train.  I disappeared into my own world listening to a Radiohead mixed tape on the way to the train, and I when I got the the station, I pulled out my kindle as I was nearing the end of a novel, Shantaram, and it had me mesmerised.

Tickets for the big day

Our day started with a breakfast, hosted by 4BC radio station.  We met at 6:15 and headed in.  It was a very entertaining breakfast with Ian Healy quizzing Glen McGrath about some of his fast bowling exploits, and his big batting score at the Gabba, as well as other amusing anecdotes.

Healy and McGrath entertaining the breakfast crew

I guess you need to carb up at Breakfast for a big day

After our breakfast session, we had some time to kill before we could get in the ground, so we grabbed a coffee nearby, and Troy then hatched a plan for our lunch, as his wife used to work with owners of a very close restaurant.  Looking at the menu in the window as we passed before opening time, it did look a little higher standard than pie and chips that the Gabba serves.  Whilst we had our coffee, I made a comment to Nigel about his remark with his iPhone 5 bad battery life.  He asked how much battery I had left on mine, and I said I didn’t have the percentage coming up, so grabbed my phone and added it to the display, and I suspect something else I am thinking, as my power was in free fall all day (though it did start at 75%)

When we got inside, the ground look fantastic, even with the lack of rain recently.

picture perfect ground

We had a good morning chatting, watching the cricket, enjoying tasteless, weak beer in plastic, but still an awesome day.

We (Troy)  made our booking for lunch, and we headed across to Enoteca for lunch.  This was not my normal cricket lunch experience, but the food was superb!  It was very pleasant for the 5 of us, Nigel, John, Troy, Tom and I to enjoy some nice beers and the pasta I had was superb!  As a side note, our family drove past here the following day on our way to Potted Potter play and I commented that we must head here.


Enjoying lunch 

My tagliatelle, prawns, garlic, chili was superb! I guess you need to carb up at Lunch for a big day

The afternoon cricket wasn’t such a good couple of sessions for the Aussies, with South Arica looking very solid.

Some smarter folk, banked sleep before a late night ahead

Bad light was called before 5:00, and John spotted lots of rain heading towards us. Very Soon.  A call was made to head across the road to the German Club, though we were down to 3 good men, John, Troy and I.  After a couple of drinks (OMG they have my favourite beer, czech budvar, on tap!), Troy needed to get going, so John and I  decided to have dinner here.  I guess you need to carb up at Dinner for a big day.  We both went the low fat Pork Knuckle option, as I may have mentioned that I smelt something that smelled like pork knuckle when we were waiting outside.

Fast forward through getting wet trying to get a taxi, then getting wet trudging to the centre as we were dropped off outside Boondall as the road became a carpark.

We grabbed our seats, and good seats they were, and listened to buzz of people finding their spots and the electro music while we waited.

The band took the stage and launched into Lotus Flower.  The stage setup was great, with large LCD’s suspending on 4 wires each, which transmitted images from a lot of fixed cameras on each of the band members.  The 4 wires allowed the screens to move into different heights and angles.  The effect was great!  In one song, all of the monitors laid parallel with the stage and just above the group.  It mimiced a low ceiling club, with lights strobing off all of the band.

Shot sourced from a google search showing an example of the staging

I won’t go into the concert in depth, as I think I will do that next week, when I experience with Ryan in Melbourne.  Suffice to say that the experience well exceeded my expectations, and I was a little worried that with all the build up to me seeing them, that it would not.  I have pasted the set list below, and whilst I knew most songs very well, I had 2 surprises. The first was how much I enjoyed There, There with 4 people playing percussion through most of it.  The next song, is one that hadn’t stuck with me before , but it has been in my head since seeing them perform it Seperator, which is from their last album released.

They also had 3 encores, which was awesome.  Very awesome!

I had a long train ride home, and without any sounds since my phone ran out of battery just before the start of the gig.  Once John jumped out at Roma St, my ride to Wynnum station was replaying the concert in mind, and chanting don’t fall asleep!

A link to their concert at Coachella which had a similar set list and staging.

Was there any doubt what the song of the day’s artist would be? Today we have Reckoner as song of the day.  This is another one that really stuck in my head after seeing them perform it live.  Thanks to John and Nigel for a lot of the photos above.


  1. Encore:
  2. Encore 2:
  3. (Unravel intro)
  4. Encore 3:
  5. (Extended due to Thom messing up the outro)


Tuesday March 6, 2012

Well I have been bouncing off the walls for the last week, as I managed to secure Radiohead tickets.  I found out rather late (on the day) that there were advanced tickets available directly from Radiohead’s website.  As soon as I saw the link on twitter, I checked it out, and they were all gone.  I then saw another person on twitter say that he had just grabbed some.  A quick back and forth with Heath, and I was able to grab 2 tickets to their Brisbane concert. Thanks Heath!  I actually left a message with a friend JC that there were some advance tickets available, and when he got back to me, I knew they were gone, but I checked again online and they seemed to be releasing batches at a time, and there were some.  JC was heading home fast to get them and I just said, I’ll grab them, and they disappeared while we spoke…

So you I am stoked to have grabbed tickets, but maybe some context of my interest in the band…

This band does get a lot of hype in the indie scene, and to my mind, rightly so.  I was on the “yes that’s pretty cool” when Creep came out, but didn’t get into any other songs at the time.  Their second album, The Bends, was a watershed album for me in 1995, and I still play a song or two off it once a week.  I will put my favourite song off the album as the song of the day below.

the bends disc artwork

Well along comes 1997, and they release OK Computer.  Sue and I were just married and living in London at the time.  I had obtained my copy from Tower Records (which I seemed to visit at least once a week), and it was the sound track of the year, and still evokes many great feelings of the first year of marriage, hanging out in London and our travels to other European countries every time I hear a track.

1997 album OK Computer

I have followed along with Radiohead as we both mature through life, though they may be doing it a lot more gracefully.  All of Radioheads albums can be found here, and I am in position of the all…

I hadn’t got the chance to see them before, and as there is daylight between them and my next favourite grouping of bands, my bride had agreed to a “golden ticket”.  What is a golden ticket, you ask.  Well I could travel anywhere in the world to see them if I could secure a ticket.  The last 2-3 years, nothing…  No concerts, except for hastily organised one-off’s or secret venues.  Every Monday I would log on to their site, and go straight to the tour area.  This year, things got interesting though.  I saw concerts going up for Japan, Taiwan and Mexico, surely that’s close enough for me to head there, or if I wait and hope, they may add Australia to the list.  In the end, I couldn’t pull the trigger on the cost involved to head overseas to see them, it seemed just a tad over indulgent. I was so excited when I heard the announcement on triplej that they were touring, and then equally frightened that maybe others had heard the same announcement and I might not get tickets…

So you know from the intro, that I got tickets, but my quest, or dare I say Odyssey (tip of the hat to the Gill’s) was when the tickets went on sale proper on March 1, I decided to try as I might to grab some tickets for the Melbourne show, and Sue and I can head down to see the concert, catchup with her sister and enjoy a city we love. (and get to Movida!)

Just got in for the Melbourne Tickets

The website went into melt down, and I had multiple computers and phone trying to keep a session open until they went on sale.  The session kept dropping out, but somehow I jagged a couple of tickets, so I went be indulging in “Radiohead November”, and I will have the best year as we roll towards the date.

One week, I am still stoked that I will be seeing these guys, twice, this year.

Song of the day:  Street Spirit (Fade Out)