Catching up with Aussies, shopping and at the Ballpark

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Today was a designated late start, so I got to catch up with the blog, and then we headed towards Fisherman’s wharf as we were catching up with others for lunch.

Stopped at Boudins Bakery for a look around and some coffee.

The sell all manner of shapes of sourdough   



This little fella rocked it on the drums



I came ever so close to buying a famed U2 guitar from a memorabilia shop, (or a Signed Nirvana album) and will either be glad for the self imposed “sleep on it” rule, or will be kicking myself in the weeks ahead…

We caught up with Rob, Jen and Liam for Lunch and heard about their travel tales.  Rob and I worked together until I left 8’ish weeks ago.  It was great to see a familiar face, and Liam at 10 month (I am thinking) was an absolute joy.

We ate at a place with a kombi out the front, which I am very partial to.


Rob and I with a frosty one


 We then set off to Union square on a street car for some shopping to the dulcet groans of Ryan.

First stop, the apple store.  I wanted some Bose headphones as they were way cheaper from the USA compared to Oz.  We purchased a couple of other items, and I was amazed at their checkout process.  It was all done on an ipod touch.

With purchases and a smile!    Cash register

Then we were off to the Levi’s Flagship store, Adidas, Gap and we noticed Ryan starting to flag from the shopping experience, so we made a plan for Sue to come back in the morning solo.

We wanted to head back on the cable car.  As we topped the crest of a hill, I spotted alcatraz, and needed to get a pic.  I stood up to hang off the side of the cable car to take my pic, forgetting that I had grabbed my backpack back from Tegan and had it on my lap.  Now my seat was facing outward, so it flew off my lap, and onto the road.  We stopped at a stop within 20 metres, so I said to Sue and to the driver behind her, don’t worry about me, will see you shortly, I will catchup.   The driver was nice enough to see me running back towards the traffic coming, to stay in place to stop cars driving and for me to make it back.  I could feel the eyes peering at me as I jogged back from those standing at the back of the car, as I put my hand up aka football player who acknowledges their mistake, whilst saying, “There’s always one, hey”

Hanging the side of the cable car


Very steep streets


We got back for so rest and freshen up time before heading off to the ball game.  We were off to see the Giants host the Rockies at AT&T Park.

It was a fantastic night.  Last time I came here, I froze, and I think I scared the family with how cold I was (and Dad doesn’t get that cold that easy, especially when I had the winter coat on until recently)

All of the family had so much fun.  It was so entertaining with the music, chants, videos and food merchants strolling up the aisles.


Tony Bennett called the “play ball” and sang a song – he is still going strong at 85!

We had great seats!


Us in the stands



The food vendors kept coming!




Golf, Shopping and hitting the wall

Tuesday September 20, 2011

Today’s plan is for the boys to go in one direction – Golf, and the girls to head in another direction – Shopping.

During our trip to the North Shore on the previous day, I had a cold that seemed to get worse as the day went on, and during the night I developed a fever and felt pretty bad.  I grabbed some cold tablets early morning and hoped chemistry and praying would stave off the cold, especially as I didn’t want to pull the pin on the golf game.

Whether it was the placebo effect or the Acetaminophen, my tablets seem to be making a difference, so I would head out for the golf.  We could only arrange a 1:17PM tee time, but an earlier email (a fe months back) said you can come down and get on the standby list, so that is what we decided to to.

We walked over to the Ala Wai course, whilst the girls got themselves ready to head to the Alo Moana shopping centre.

Shot of the course from their website

The boys put their name on the list and were told we would have time to get our hire gear when we were called up. We sat and waited and after waiting for a just a bit, we were approached by a casual”eddie would go” muscle shirt wearing local, who just started having a general chat, and then said, did we want to sort out our club hire.  Seems this was our pro shop dude.

He was wonderfully friendly and giving us discounts on balls / tees and the like.  As we were chatting more, he used to be on the surfing pro tour in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

We were then called up as our place was ready!  We later found out that this course was either the busiest in the USA of the world, depending on the reliability of the 2 local golfers.  To tee off, your buggies start in the “hold”, then you are on “deck”, then on the tee.

Our buggies in the hold

On deck


Names are announced for each of these three, for each group teeing off to ensure that the course moves smoothly…  Although, allowing groups of 6 to play seems to defeat the purpose, and yes we had a group of 6 in front of us.

Chris looking confident 

Ryan and I shared one buggy, with Chris and Staf in the other.  Chris was nice enough to undo the holding strap on my clubs, so when I first took off in the buggy, off the back my clubs went.  I was trying to work out what had happened, whilst being embarrassed in front of the other holding area crew, when Chris owned up.


Nice setting



Ryan in action


The buck in action



We had a nice round, but by hole 13 I was flagging, and didn’t think I could see out the 18, and let the guys know.  Ryan was having a good time so I just took it very easy and saw out the round.  Staf took out the honours for the golf.

Staf’s style

It was a struggle for me to walk back and I let the guys know I would be resting for the remainder of the day.

The girls got back around the same time to drop off their shopping, then they headed to Dukes for a few drinks.

Evidence Sue has arrived back from shopping

Sue took this shot of Candice and Tegan at Veronica’s Secret

I was rested for the remainder of the afternoon whilst the rest of the family watched the Hula and sunset show.