Studio is go!

Monday September 17,  2012

Well they say better late than never…  The studio  is finished, late, over budget, but finished none the less…

We had an unfinished shed at our place, that became a dumping ground of junk I had collected for 20 odd years, but it had the potential to be a studio space, and then it could be used later for another purpose if required.

It still needs a paint on the outside (as does our house), but we are now using the space for it’s intended use.

Right hand side is the studio

Work in progress shots

I was happy to leave the old chipboard, complete with years of neglect and stains as the floor, as is.  Sue persuaded me that this wasn’t such a good idea, and she was proved right after three coats of paint.

The old floor didn’t look that bad did it?

Grey going on over the undercoat, glad it was just one shade!

I wanted to hand our paper rolls on the wall permanently, but all of the information I read said that you were unable to due to the cardboard inner roll, sagging under the weight, and creating ripples in your paper.  I found one post n flickr that looked promising, and I contacted the author of the post (years on from the original post) and he was very obliging with confirming that it had stood the test of time, and gave me some great additional detail. Thanks Robert Mac from the Sunshine Coast, kudos to you for being so helpful to a random!

So Sue and I replaced the inner cardboard core, with an aluminium core.  After a somewhat frustrating hour or so, attempting to get it right, we were done.   Well Sue was, I still needed to get them on the wall.

Transferring the paper to the new core.

Mechanism for unrolling the paper

Mounted on the main wall

Storage c/- Ikea

When I was wiring up the power, I made sure to put in speaker cables so that the radio, playlists or TunnFM can be streamed during a shoot or whilst I am testing.

Old amp gets a new life

One of the elinchrom’s ready to go

Old couch also gets a new life, with the inlaid speakers punching out the tunes

Never have enough sandbags, though these are filled with gravel.

Our intent is to shoot friends for free in the next couple of months, so that we can build a portfolio before hanging the shingle out proper.  An old work colleague came over with his wife and 18 month old son, for a studio session, and then to the park and beach.  It was great fun, and we got some great shots, and learnt a heap!  Like when you scope that perfect location on Thursday afternoon, it may be a little more busy on Saturday with a Rugby carnival going on!

Sue was a great help, and I couldn’t have done the session with out her!

Testing the lighting prior to the shoot

One the shots we captured

Looking forward to the next shoot!

The song of the day is Santigold – LES Artists, as this song sits on most of my excercise playlists (which has picked up again) and I like the link in to artists, and with the strobes going off in the film clip is now occuring in our studio.

Damn Hot!

Wednesday 11 January, 2012

Today’s temperature was in the high 30’s, and it felt it!  I had to finish off the wiring for the new workshop today, as I am heading to Adelaide tomorrow unti Monday afternoon, and the builder and plasterer are here on Monday morning.  Wiring, what the, don’t panic as I started working life as an apprentice sparky, whilst studying at night.  My Dad was quite insistant that my brother and I get a trade “that you can fall back on”


The shed being being reno’d

It is going to be a superb space when it is finished!

The high ceiling are perfect for the photography work I want to do!

I then wanted to post my 52 week project shot before heading away, and the theme this week was fashion.  You can see the final shot here, or small pics below, including the setup for the shot.

Glad I haven’t had to wear this in a while

Sue will be glad when studio is finished, and no more lights and stands in the house

Today’s song of the day is Lotus Flower by Radiohead.  My favourite band, and I am hoping that they will tour Australia next year as I have never seen them play. I do have a leave pass to travel to see them, though I am hoping not to have to use it.