Final days in Tokyo

Our final days in Tokyo were revisiting some places we enjoyed on our first leg, as well as visiting some new places.  I am posting this several months after we arrived back home, and on reflection Sue enjoyed the trip more, the linger she is back home.  The boys certainly enjoyed it more than the girls, and your truly cannot wait until going back for a photo tour, just so many opportunities for great shots!


Sue pointing out a koi or playing ‘pull my finger’3W9A4013


No luck winning this guy…
3W9A4025 3W9A4036 3W9A4040 3W9A4046 3W9A4047 3W9A4048


We headed up the skytree on new year’s day, and it was star wars themed!  It was insanely busy!  You lined up, to get allocated a time (several hours later) that you could then head up to the viewing level.



Thanks to Raul, I have come away with a love of all things stormtrooper!IMG_3739 IMG_3747

3W9A4063 3W9A4076 3W9A4079 3W9A4086 3W9A4091 3W9A4141 3W9A4158 3W9A4175 3W9A4178-2 IMG_3698


One of the winnings for Tegan IMG_3715 IMG_3730 IMG_3731



IMG_3760 IMG_3761


The kids won me a prize!  It now sits proudly on my monitor to remind me.



Sue and I watched this fake horse racing / gambling centre, and it was just over the top.  Lots of punters reading up on the form of fake horses before they jump.



Absolutely loved the Yamazaki 12 years, and disappointed in myself that I didn’t buy it at this shop, assuming it would be available at the airport, which it wasn’t or anywhere in Australia since coming back…



Last meal before getting on the plane.  We needed to activate the buzzer by placing it on a specific spot on the table, then the meals were brought out.




2 thoughts on “Final days in Tokyo

  1. Just returned yesterday from our two week trip and I would go back in a flash. Loved every minute – although Kyoto was our favourite.

    1. Lisa and your pics looked fantastic and took us back there! Your three looked like you had such a great time! Though good luck getting a sisters trip to Japan 🙂

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