North Shore drive

Monday September 19, 2011

We were awoken at 5:00 by tour company (from yesterday) wanting to change the dropping off Staf’s bag left on the bus.  We were in a margarita induced coma, and it took a bit for the strange ringing sound to compute…

I decided I needed to expel the evil green liquid from my pores, so I went for a run, and to take in the sites.  It was a struggle, but I was glad for it as it did the intended job of sweating, clearing the head, and punishing myself not to be seduced by cheap margaritas again.

Today was the day that we had hired a convertible and were heading to the North Shore.  We arrived at our hire car office via the courtesy bus, and after giving our reservation number, we were told “your rental is for next week”.  Oh man…  So do you have a car we could rent?  Only a compact, at a big price…  Ok, we need to think about this…

So there was a McDonalds next door, with free wifi.  There was also another rental company there, but the line was massive.  I got to work on my iphone to see if there was a rental available online through them.  I found a convertible was available and booked it for 10 minutes time.  Result!

We went through the booking process at the counter, and heading downstairs to get our car.  No car available… Hmmm.  They said they were trying to find one, and after 30 minutes a car turned up.  The attendant was very apologetic and friendly and gave us a day off our rental and a later bring back time which was a softening to the increased price we paid from my original booking 3 months ago.

Meanwhile, Sue was busily txt’ing her sister Candice as they has also rented a car, and we were travelling with.  We made a rendezvous point and tentatively left the parking garage to meet up with Staf, Candice and Chelsea (Chris and Julie off with wedding planner and enjoy the last breath of single life together)

Candice and Staf’s blue car, ours in the background

Our car

We stopped off for a swim on the west coast.

To the North Shore!

Best iphone app investment yet, Co-Pilot USA

I grew up fantasising about Sunset Beach, Pipeline and Waimea Bay, so it was great to tick it off the life list.

Sunset Beach

Tegan and Chelsea at Sunset Beach


Dad sneaks an elusive last second hug as the shutter clicks

The girls heading to the water at Waimea Bay

Pano of Waimea Bay, no swell what so ever!

Whilst at the North shore, we wanted to try the stables of a shrimp van lunch and some shaved ice, and both didn’t disappoint!

Our shrimp van of choice

We had either all shrimp pictures here, or the steak and shrimp.

I think we were all relieved that all had the very garlicky delicacies, as they were very strong! It was then on to the shaved ice, and we managed to find the highly rated Matsumoto’s shaved ice.

There were people everywhere, I am guessing a good lonely planet rating helps out.

Enjoying the shaved ice.

We headed off and got in around 7:00 PM, for a quick tidy up, then off to Dukes for 8:30 dinner, which was very nice.  We will sleep very well tonight!