Oh hi there, both of my 2 readers!

April 24, 2017

Thought I better check in, all is well here, so you can stop your emails,  txt’s and letters of concern.  That you were possibly going to write in the coming months.

I have been writing quite a bit, though mostly journaling, ideas for larger subjects and writing for myself.  I did launch a new project which is mostly photos though of the area that we live in, When in Wynnum.

A couple of topics, that randomly have jumped into my head as I type:

  • Our family has a jetski, and it is a lot of fun!;
  • I head to Japan in 2 days to see a good mate, that shouldn’t be with us anymore after a car accident.  He had made an incredible recovery, and the bride gave the green light to celebrate;
  • Child#1 got through his  first year of uni, and added another degree to his maths one;
  • Child#2 going great in year 12, a joy to watch her find her feet, and start sprinting after changing schools a couple of years back;
  • Marathon training for me going to plan (ish)
  • Bride may be starting to run next week (woohoo)
  • My work going really well, it was a shocker 2 years ago with a particular issue threatening to toss in the towel. So glad that we pushed through!
  • The bride and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in January, in Leas Vegas and a cruise to Mexico.  This deserves a separate post, and I have my notes/photos!
  • We just went on a 10 day cruise as a family, with SIL and BIL, and it was fantastic!  Up north to Port Douglas, Cairns and then down to Sydney and in through the heads, wich is why I signed on.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
  • Oh, the bride and I saw spiderbait play at the Tivoli recently, and I think I created 3 new smile wrinkles with how happy I was with the night. The bride even grabbed me a signed poster from their original album launch! 

Today’s song of the day was on when I was starting this post, and the bride walked in and said, is this the Mutton Birds?  It reminds me of London and when we saw the Go Betweens, with the The Mutton Birds supporting. Exactly!!
The Mutton Birds – The Heater

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