2 days out

2 days out from the longest run I have done…Well only by 500 metres or so, but still…

It seems that the lurgy may be behind me – touching my head as I say touch wood, the things you pick up as a youngster that stay with you.

I have put in the prep for the event, which I haven’t been able to always say, so it’s now rest, hydration and enjoy the morning on Sunday.


Doesn’t look so far when zoomed out

Sue was kind enough to grab my favourite beer, and they are in the fridge chilling for when I return, and sit down to watch the wallabies v Lions game that I hope I stay strong enough to miss on Saturday, but I doubt it… Oh, and she also made lasagna, which is another favourite and seldom had treat (lasagna not Sue cooking Sandy!).  So I have definitely been supported on the home front!


Love this stuff!

I think my biggest risk on Sunday will be getting a little excited at the start, and going out to hard, so I may heed some advice to position myself back in the pack (of my time group) to hold me back for the first k or so.

The most important part of the run prep is now complete, with the mixed tape playlist finalised, which I have listed below for both of my readers.

All things going well, I should listening to the start of The Mess Hall’s – Keep Walking at the halfway point, and as the Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the Flow finishes at 1 hour 55, I should be nearing the finish.  Well that’s the plan.  I have some buffer at the end of the list, in case one of my dunlop volleys has a blow out.

It was tough to pick the songs, but in the main they were songs that make me feel good, old and new, new that sounds old, and most have an up tempo.  Australian bands are represented, as well as a couple of Brisbane tunes. The first song on the list has become a tradition for me, and is always the first tune I hear when I head off on a timed run event.

So the song of the day needs to come from the listing above I guess, and whilst I hope I don’t hear it during the run on Sunday, it is certainly a favourite at the moment!  MS MR – Hurricane

Bridge to Brisbane playlist

The tunes that will hopefully carry me to the finish line tomorrow.  Looks like it will be a very cold morning…

Sleepwalking    Ammonia
song 2    blur
Midlife Crisis    Faith No More
Destroy Everything You Touch    Ladytron
Thump    Bertie Blackman
Still Life    The Horrors
Lazy Eye    Silversun Pickups
L.E.S. Artistes    Santogold
I’m Stranded    The Saints
Rock & Roll Queen    The Subways
Jellylegs    Children Collide
Know Your Product    The Saints
Gouge Away    Pixies
Steamworks    The Presets
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret    Queens of the Stone Age
Street Spirit [Fade Out]    Radiohead
An Honest Mistake    The Bravery
Take Me Out    Franz Ferdinand
Eternally Yours    Laughing Clowns
The Bitter End    Placebo 
Hieronymus    Clouds
Unreal World    The Godfathers
Angry Youngish Man    Big Heavy Stuff
My Eagle    Children Collide
Shadow of the Season    Screaming Trees
Hey Boy Hey Girl    The Chemical Brothers
Phantom Limb    The Shins
She Sells Sanctuary    The Cult

Hopefully I will be finished around “The bitter End” at 1 hr 16 min, but I have some other songs in reserve…